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Neighbors | Zack Shively .Austintown library offered a watercoloring class on Aug. 23. The class had painters of different skill levels, and librarian Andrea Zupcsan helped anyone who needed it.


Neighbors | Zack Shively .Some members of the Watercoloring with Andrea event at Austintown library used other painting techniques to add dots and the perception of texture to the painting.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Pictured is one of the paintings done at Watercoloring with Andrea at Austintown library on Aug. 23. The painters all drew starfish and designed them any way they wanted. This painter added a shell in the water.


Neighbors | Zack Shively .Instructor Andrea Zupcsan's example of painting of the water coloring painting the group made. Zupcsan provided the painters with a starfish stencil, paper, paint and utensils.


Austintown library hosted a class for community members to create a watercolor painting in the meeting room of the library on Aug. 23.

Librarian Andrea Zupcsan led the group of seven to creating a starfish painting similar to her own. Zupcsan provided the painters with the necessary utensils to make the painting. The group used warm colors, such as yellow and orange, for their starfish and added cool colors, mostly combinations of blues and greens. Some went for a very light blue while others for a mild sea foam green color.

Zupscan used her abilities to help the others in class. She stressed certain things like implementing a soft trace of the starfish stencil so it can be easily erased. One of the people had issues with the paint’s thickness and painting issues, which Zupcsan resolved by adding more water to his paint. She also made sure no one’s warm and cool colors mixed by explaining that everyone needed to be careful around the starfish’s edges.

Zupcsan did lead and help, but the painters did what they wanted for the most part, using Zupcsan as support. The painters picked their own colors as well as mixing colors to get other desired colors. For example, one person wanted their water to look like a bright blue Caribbean ocean, so the painter added white to her cerulean to brighten her blue color.

Most of the group painted the starfish with a blue ocean background as the example painting had shown, but others added their own twists to their pictures. One painter added a seashell in the painting and another included seaweed. One of the members placed her starfish on the shore instead of in the ocean.

Other painters used their knowledge of other painting techniques to add texture to their works. For example, they got two brushes and put paint on one brush, then used the other brush to slap the brush, The painters used this technique to place dots on the starfish or put other interesting colors in the water.

Austintown library offers these types of events on a monthly basis. The class will be trying their hands at an acrylic painting on Sept. 13 and another piece of art on Oct. 25. The classes tend to fill up quickly and have several people on the waitlist. The events and sign ups are listed on the event calendar of

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