New U.S. health care bill and Issue 2 deserve defeat

New U.S. health care bill and Issue 2 deserve defeat

Hurry to tell your legislators to vote “no” on the Graham-Cassidy version of the latest Trumpcare bill. Republicans are rushing to pass this newest debacle of a health care bill by Sept. 30. Before then, the Senate (which votes before the House) can pass it as a reconciliation bill with just 51 votes.

After Sept. 30, it can only pass with a filibuster-proof 60 votes. This bill is bad for us average folks, which is why Republicans know they cannot get 60 senators to approve it.

This bill repeals the Medicaid expansion that provides coverage for people who earn up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level, which equates to a full-time job paying the munificent sum of $7.69 per hour.

Our legislators want to block grant funding back to the states. That means Congress will use the funds that currently subsidize Medicaid and ACA plans and reallocate those funds as tax cuts for the wealthiest people – and if you aren’t worth about $5 million, that won’t be you.

The states will not have enough money to make up the difference. Gov. John Kasich is against this bill. The elderly cared for in nursing homes, sick children, and people seeking opioid treatment will be out of luck. You can bet our state and local taxes will rise.

The new bill also allows each state to apply for a waiver so insurances can charge higher insurance premiums for those with a pre-existing condition.

The big medical associations – Heart, Lung, Diabetes, ALS, doctors’ and nurses’ associations – they oppose this legislation. Call your legislators now and tell them to vote “no.”

I also recommend a “no” vote on Issue 2, the Ohio Drug Price Standards Initiative, aka the Drug Price Relief Act. Any litigation emanating from this legislation will come at a cost to the taxpayers. It also says that drug prices will be aligned with prices paid by the Veterans Administration, but it doesn’t promise whether those prices will stay low.

It will not lower drug prices if you receive your health insurance through your employer, for example. Many reputable groups oppose the issue.

Linda Cocuzzi Richter, Niles

Trump tops the list of worst American presidents

The five worst presi- dents in the history of the United States were Andrew Johnson, Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Put them all together and they’re all 100 percent better than the president we have in office at the present time.

Andrew Johnson became president when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and turned out to be lousy; Herbert Hoover’s administration took us into the Great Depression; Richard Nixon swore up and down that “I am not a crook”, he lied; Ronald Regan said “Trust me I’ll give big tax breaks to the rich and prosperity will trickle down to you”, he lied; George Bush said, “We have positive proof that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction,” and he lied.

They all lied, but I believe President Donald Trump is the biggest liar by far, and he hasn’t been in office a year.

Face facts everyone. We are on the verge of war with North Korea, Iran and Syria. We already have troops in Syria, and I believe Trump would just love to drop a couple of big ones on Iran.

If we do go to war, is our lap-dog Congress going to OK trillions of dollars so we can be mired in the sand for another 16 years or give Trump the OK to bomb North Korea and then what? Will he send land forces onto North Korea’s mainland? How many thousands will we lose just to satisfy this billionaire casino owner’s sick ways?

We need a president and Congress that will concentrate on America and its needs. The middle class, the poor, workers (union and nonunion), minorities, veterans, women and children don’t count; with this bunch it’s the richest 1 percent and big corporations.

That’s why it’s imperative that we get rid of the Republicans in the House and Senate, because it seems that they will stick up for and kiss the butt of this so- called president just so they can keep their voters from deserting them.

What a way to run a government, or should I say “ruin”.

Bud McKelvey, Hermitage

Instead of taking a knee, athletes should take out ad

Don’t you think most Americans are getting just a little bit tired and downright disgusted at the growing number of professional athletes who take a knee during the playing of “The Star Spangled Banner?” Shame on them and the team owners who tolerate this for the sake of money.

I for one will not watch another San Fran game as long as this outrageous behavior is tolerated, or any other team that follows this behavior. I wonder how many of those athletes who take a knee ever had a family member serve in the military, because if they had, it would be like a slap in the face to them.

A recent article in The Vindicator quotes Eric Reed in part as saying “The only way things will change, if we keep shedding light on these topics.” Evidently Mr. Reid thinks the fans in the stands are mind readers to his thoughts. Their grand standing only shows their ignorance to the many thousands who have been killed or maimed in the service of our country.

If you’re so bent on getting your word out on issues you and your knee-bending friends are so concerned about, pool some of your millions together to take out ads on national TV, instead of disrespectful grandstanding. Let’s see all of you put your money where your mouth is – if you have the guts.

Robert DeFelice Sr., Poland

Salute to Boardman Park

On behalf of my- self, my family and those who enjoy Boardman Park as much as we do, I would like to thank the Anthony Lariccia family and the many individuals and corporations who have so generously given through their pledges and time to make the beautiful park what it is today.

The park is enjoyed every day by people of all ages. The pavilions, bocce courts, softball diamonds, volleyball courts, tennis courts, walking trails, tot lots, picnic areas are full of families enjoying the park, just as it was envisioned.

The Boardman Township trustees, park director and staff should all be commended for their great work. They love what they do, and it shows.

Thank you all for this wonderful nature and family recreational facility. Salute!

Jim Johns, Poland

Transgender people are deceived, recent story shows

The article in the Sept. 16 edition of The Vindicator, “Gender Mentor”, about Megan List as the transgender chief of the Women’s Initiative at Youngstown State University shows how deceived transsexuals are. If you are born a male you are a male, and if you are born a female, you are a female. Anyone who knows DNA can prove a person is male or female, and what anyone thinks has nothing to do with it.

We don’t hate these people but we feel sorry for them because they think they are something that they are not, and then they artificially try to transform themselves into the opposite sex. She was only 4 when she thought about this and what 4-year-old knows anything about what they really are? Children many times believe the strangest and weirdest things and we correct them and tell them why they are wrong.

His initial belief told him that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) individuals are clearly going to hell was true, just as the Bible tells us in the old and new testaments. That is the truth – not what people make up and think for themselves.

I have met many people who were gay and transgender and then were converted to Christ and changed their minds. My best friend in the Bronx had surgery to become a woman after leaving the Navy many years ago. If you have to have surgery to change your outward sexual appearance, then you are deceived and you deceive others.

God doesn’t make mistakes, and He made people male and female. Anyone who thinks differently is telling Almighty God that He is a liar.

Leo Feher, Youngstown

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