Marriage licenses

Benjamin Kline, 26, of 3980 Fox Haven Drive, Canfield, and Sarah Schrum, 24, of 8166 Columbiana Canfield Road, Canfield.

Samil Guliyev, 29, of 442 S. Raccoon Road Apt. A17, Austintown, and Shannon M. Bailey, 32, of same.

Lawrence Smith Jr., 45, of 555 Park-cliffe Ave., Youngstown, and Angela S. McLendon, 49, of same.

Robert G. Switka, 27, of 6931 Glendale Ave., Boardman, and Kymberly R. Hoffman, 26, of same.

Samih Asfour, 25, of Norridge, Ill., and Ahlam A. Mishmish, 23, of 7406 E. Huntington Drive Apt. B, Boardman.

Turhan Henderson, Jr., 37, of 940 Martin Luther King Blvd. No. 1601, Youngstown, and Donshe N. Spragans, 35, of 3546 Wyandot Lane, Youngstown.

Keith R. Shobel, 38, of 2343 Donald Ave., Youngstown, and Jerica A. Learn, 26, of same.

Abiezer Rivera-Melendez, 33, of 1053 Eastway Drive Apt. 6, Youngstown, and Diana L. Lugo-Pastrana, 29, of same.

Joseph H. Ballard, 67, of Weed, Calif., and Cynthia J. McNemar, 61, of 65 Cedarwood Drive, Beloit.

Daniel K. Rubosky, 28, of 6921 Tippecanoe Road, Canfield, and Ashley P. Kendall, 26, of 9840 Cherry Hills Drive, Canfield.

Brenton N. Batta, 35, of 4228 Market St. Apt. 4, Boardman, and Joyce M. Escalona-Sears, 28, of 1928 Thalia Ave., Poland.

Joseph M. Morley Jr., 28, of 230 Oakley Ave., Boardman, and Ashley E. Farinelli, 26, of same.

Jesse A. Mineo, 26, of 1637 Chattanooga Ave., Poland, and Olivia A. Orchard, 27, of same.

James C. Gromada, 29, of 5595 Revere Run, Canfield, and Tijana Raicevic, 23, of same.

Richard A. Seitz, Jr., 37, of 8399 Glenwood Ave., Boardman, and Taylor E. Backus, 31, of same.

Philip R. Myers Jr., 27, of 748 Orlo Lane, Boardman, and Devin L. Ferrell, 25, of same.

Harpreet Singh, 31, of 3696 Polo Blvd., Poland, and Sandeep Kaur, 29, of same.

Thomas W. Hoffman Jr., 53, of 8436 W. South Range Road, Salem, and Kimberly S. Wolf, 56, of same.

Matthew B. Brogley, 31, of 101 N. Hillside Road, Canfield, and Larissa K. Hoover, 28, of same.

Joseph Z. D’Ulisse, 28, of Pittsburgh, and Amanda L. Calko, 27, of same.

Scott M. Jakubek, 32, of 7458 S. Palmyra Road, Canfield, and Gianna M. Nolfi, 26, of 78 Bedford Road, Lowellville.

Jerry A. Caliguire Jr., 30, of 4481 Deer Creek Court Apt. 10, Austintown, and Robin M. Gasior, 28, of same.

Victor G. Shaw Jr., 25, of 1577 Westview Ave. Unit C, Salem, and Allie E. Klumpp, 22, of same.

Richard L. Leonelli, 34, of 138 Regent St., Campbell, and Gwendolyn F. Sexton, 32, of 144 N. Hartford Ave., Youngstown.

David G. Sharpe, 54, of 341 Benton Ave., Austintown, and Denise J. Washburn, 54, of New Smyrna, Fla.

Eric S. Weingart Jr., 29, of 4851 Westchester Drive Apt. 314D, Austintown, and Kayla M. Weber, 25, of same.

Todd D. Kibby, 26, of 84 Centervale Ave., Boardman, and Amanda R. Treharn, 26, of same.

Albert J. Armour, 27, of 596 W. Maryland Ave., Sebring, and Haley M. Wheeler, 25, of same.

Donald K. Kerr, 36, of 53 Melrose Ave., Boardman, and Kerry A. Gretsinger, 32, of same.

David A. Maxwell, 28, of 12625 New Buffalo Road, North Lima, and Presley N. Cummings, 25, of 17000 Heiser Road, Berlin Center.

Eric T. Grischow, 27, of 7445 Ranier Ave., Boardman, and Elizabeth M. Baytos, 26, of same.

Michael W. Page Jr., 34, of 105 W. Wood St., Lowellville, and Sara J. Pasky, 32, of same.

Scott P. Albaugh, 36, of 2 Ravine Drive, Poland, and Melinda R. Miller, 38, of same.

David E. Widomski, 30, of 5625 S. Turner Road, Canfield, and Katie C. Meenachan, 25, of 1492 Turnberry Drive, Boardman.

Robert J. Berry, 28, of 9 Centervale Ave., Boardman, and Adrienne L. Maro, 26, of 1316 Pioneer Drive, Boardman.

John R. Millich, 56, of 7695 Brixton Crest, Canfield, and Jamie L. Milligan, 39, of same.

Carl Cardwell, 34, of 670 Purdue Ave., Austintown, and Ashley Knipp, 30, of same.

Thomas F. Cichon, 28, of 211 Argyle Ave., Boardman, and Meghan M. Welsh, 24, of 6511 Pembrooke Place, Boardman.

Richard S. LaPorte, 55, of 3749 Tyler Drive, Canfield, and Judy L. DeGenaro, 51, of same.

Christopher J. Starkey, 34, of 229 E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, and Crystal D. Steinbeck, 31, of same.

Bradley J. Hoersten, 30, of Chicago, and Gina M. Strauss, 29, of same.

Divorces asked

Jessica M. Sparrow, 3865 Baymar Drive, Youngstown, v. Joseph A. Sparrow, c/o Richland Correctional Institute.

Karl R. Hartzell, 3380 Flo-Lor Drive Apt. 10, Youngstown, v. Jennifer R. Hartzell, of same.

Suha Khalil, 4259 Chester Drive, Boardman, v. Mohammed Khalil, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Melissa A. Mueller-Urban, 1185 Mulberry Run, Mineral Ridge, v. Robert J. Urban, of same.

Tara M. Barnes, 158 S. Dunlap Ave., Youngstown, v. Edward E. Barnes, 416 Wilton Ave., Youngstown.

Crystal Driscoll, 2211 Chaney Circle, Youngstown, v. Paul J. Driscoll, of 530 E. Judson Ave., Youngstown.

Jamila E. Richardson, 2250 Penny Lane, Austintown, v. Johnnie D. Richardson Jr., 3234 Orrin Ave., Youngstown.

Dissolutions asked

Stephanie Homrighausen, 567 Greenmont Drive, Canfield, and Troy Homrighausen, of same.

Catrina Anderson, 398 Camden Ave., Youngstown, and Ned Anderson Jr., 1709 East High Ave., Youngstown.

Domestic relations

Danalyn M. Rogers and Tony L. Rogers, dissolution granted.

Beth Earles-Comstock and Robert Comstock III, dissolution granted; wife returns to former name of Beth L. Earles.

Erin G. Hosey and Rodney D. Hosey Jr., dissolution granted; wife returns to former name of Erin G. Graham.

Joel Cardona and Misty E. Cardona, dissolution granted.

Amanda C. Logiudice and Jason J. Logiudice, dissolution granted; wife returns to former name of Amanda C. Jennings.

Ashley Pelamati and Kerrigan Pelamati, dissolution granted to parties.

Michael Paparodis and Carrie Paparodis, dissolution granted to parties.

Matthew E. Porter and Shannon N. Porter, dissolution granted.

Sheila M. Kohler and Roy H. Kohler, dissolution granted.

Hilda Heath and Henry E. Heath, dissolution granted.

Todd Vorce and Heather Vorce, dissolution granted; wife returns to former name of Heather M. Miller.

Suzanne M. Boyd-DePinto and Timothy M. Boyd, dissolution granted; wife returns to former name of Suzanne M. DePinto.

Cheryl A. Smaldino v. Philip B. Smaldino, divorce to both.

Megan M. Grubb v. Jarrod T. Grubb, divorce to plaintiff.

Daniel Dandrea v. Tracy Dandrea, divorce to plaintiff.

Barbara E. Bush v. Douglas P. Bush, divorce to parties.

Themelina E. Symbolik v. Michael J. Symbolik, divorce to plaintiff; wife returns to former name of Themelina E. Kalouris.

Jeffrey T. Ferguson v. Susan A. Ferguson, divorce to both.

Catherine M. Johnson v. William A. Johnson, divorce to plaintiff; wife returns to former name of Catherine M. Dana.

Brandon Batton v. Jane Batton, divorce to plaintiff; wife returns to former name of Jane M. Lowe.

Shannon L. Thompson v. Ryan M. Thompson, divorce to both.

Bruce A. Spooner v. Amy S. Spooner, divorce to plaintiff.

Ariel Magada v. Robert J. Magada, divorce to plaintiff.

Sommer J. Zvara v. Kevin M. Zvara, divorce to both.

Letricia Williams-Berry v. Derrick Berry Sr., divorce to plaintiff; wife returns to former name of Letricia R. Williams.

Jennifer J. Battaglia v. Raymond M. Battaglia, divorce to plaintiff.

Denise D. Douglas-Hardy v. Tony B. Hardy, divorce to plaintiff; wife returns to former name of Denise D. Douglas.

Cheecola E. Fields v. Caluquette Fields, divorce to plaintiff; wife returns to former name of Cheecola E. Ford.

Jalana Phifer v. Steffon Scott et al, dismissed.

Andres Rodriguez v. Tonya Rodrigues, divorce to plaintiff.

John G. Lyons Jr. v. Holly E. Lyons, divorce to parties; wife returns to former name of Holly E. Nolfi.

Daniel Penick v. Karlene Penick, divorce to plaintiff.

Sharon M. Heubel-Russell v. Henry A. Russell, divorce to plaintiff; wife returns to former name of Sharon M. Heubel,

Sarah E. Foster v. John W. Foster, divorce to plaintiff; wife returns to former name of Sarah E. Guappone.

New complaints

US Bank National Assoc. v. Phillip L. Tharpe Sr. et al, foreclosure.

US Bank National Assoc. v. Harriet A. Nitzsky et al, money.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. James A. Stanislaw et al, foreclosure.

Discover Bank v. Regina L. Washington, money.

Christine Curtis v. Kayla K. Chismark et al, other torts.

Nalaysha Hillman v. Ann Nittoli, other torts.

Monyce Robinson v. Jordan R. Johnson, other torts.

David Antonelli et al v. Shirley McIntosh et al, other torts.

HSBC Bank USA NA v. Unknown Heirs of Lawrence E. Whited et al, foreclosure.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC v. Juahn T. Christ et al, foreclosure.

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Eric Greathouse, money.

David Mignella v. DiLullo Builders LLC et al, breach of contract.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society v. Blaise A. Obritz et al, foreclosure.

Chemical Bank v. Unknown Heirs of Robert J. Terrill Jr. et al, money.

PennyMac Loan Services LLC v. Chrystal A. Lucas et al, foreclosure.

Kaleigh Chretien v. Jennifer L. McLaughlin et al, other torts.

Capital One Bank (USA) NA v. Charles W. Chalker, money.

Discover Bank v. Lyndon M. Nelson Sr., money.

Flexospan Steel Buildings Inc. v. M & C Construction LLC, breach of contract.

Bank of America NA v. Unknown Heirs of Alice L. Petroff et al, foreclosure.

Jonathan Huff et al v. Lonnie Johnson et al, jury demand.

Georgeann Colantone v. Suzanne Ishac, personal injury.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. Arquise C. Miller, money.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Keith Robinson et al, money.

Daniel R. Yemma v. James L. Watson et al, money.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Cathy A. Heckman et al, money.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Rita Blasko et al, money.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Johnise Burkley et al, money.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Flaming Wings Realty Trust et al, money.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Karen K. Skiffey et al, money.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Kim Rossi et al, money.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Laray Thomas et al, money.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Unknown Surviving Spouse of Irene Clardy et al, money.

Tiffany A. Smith v. Sean T. Costello, other torts.

Huntington National Bank v. David A. Olekshuk et al, foreclosure.

Holly Ritchie v. Caryn A. Pantaleo, jury demand.

Broke Ass Phone v. Boardman Township Zoning Board of Appeals, appeal of appellant and certification.

Janice A. Davis v. LTV Steel Co. et al, jury demand.

Christiana Trust v. Lura M. Davis-Caventer et al, foreclosure.

Cocca Properties 3 LLC v. Jimick Products Inc., money.

David E. Moss v. Ed Rovnak, forcible entry.

TBF Financial LLC v. Shannon Yonnotti et al, complaint.

Richard Weimer v. Park Vista et al, jury demand.

Ohio Edison Co. v. ATS Specialized Inc., money.

Ohio Edison Co. v. Ransom Ware Jr., money.

Discover Bank v. Jesse M. Griffin, money.

Christine Simmons v. Erie Insurance Co. et al, jury demand.

Edward Tarver v. Firaus Odeh et al, other torts.

Ditech Financial LLC v. Unknown Heirs of Sandy L. King et al, foreclosure.

PennyMac Loan Services LLC v. Brandon W. Murray et al, foreclosure.

Home Savings Bank v. Devin M. Fitz-Patrick et al, foreclosure.

Tamela Peddicord et al v. Heather Whittington et al, other torts.

Dana M. Watson et al v. Aspen Dental et al, jury demand.

Othello May v. New York Life Insurance Co., complaint.

Intellich Corp. v. Robert P. Donegan et al, notice of appeal.

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