Harry Meshel did much to revitalize the downtown

Harry Meshel did much to revitalize the downtown

To add my two cents to the legacy of Harry Meshel: In 2003, as the Youngstown Arts and Entertainment District Association was gaining more of a foothold and greater recognition and strength, Harry was one of our advocates.

He was behind our efforts in that he was oftentimes in attendance of the monthly meetings, buying our 50/50 raffle tickets. Further, as members of the board, we pitched in bucks to pay our minimal monthly rent in the Ohio One Building, and to pay any other bills we had. Well, Harry, at times helped out with donations over and above buying tickets.

I have to review records that I have maintained to ascertain whether I still have any of the notes he wrote specifically to me, the treasurer.

I don’t recall if he was with us when as a group we attended the Youngstown City Council meeting wherein finally the proposal was passed to build what is now known as the Covelli Centre. That does bring to mind another man who is a great Youngstown supporter, Bob Schott.

These two men with their support made YAEDA a success to start the revitalization of downtown Youngstown.

I can’t imagine anyone who ever met Harry Meshel forgetting him and what he put forth in this area. It is still quite a thrill to see the Youngstown State University building that bears his name.

Shirley A. Bartlett, Austintown

Cut foreign aid, and put United States first at last

With a second hur- ricane and related aid needed, the president of the United States and Congress should consider this proposal since corrupt foreign countries don’t assist us when we are in need: This year in order to not have to borrow and add to national debt, the U.S. should cut foreign aid by 50 percent and 100 percent in the future

This will help balance the budget, ease debt and only hurt leaders we are trying to buy off. Transfer the foreign-aid dollars to storm aid to restore USA’s health first and to help the federal budget.

Struggling taxpayers are being ignored by government employees who don’t share the pain. Give them a day off without pay once a month until the budget is balanced and our debt is addressed.

At least they can suffer with us until they get their gold-plated pension, not Social Security.

Daniel V. Bienko, Canfield

Racists come in all colors and ethnicities

The recent letter to the Editor, “Hatred is our real enemy” leaves out many things that have happened in America over many years. They have banned prayers and Bible readings in schools, they have allowed abortion and homosexual marriage in our nation, and they have blamed one group when many groups and people are evil and hate one another.

It doesn’t matter what color, nationality, race or religion you are, if you hate your brother I consider you a murderer. America touts evolution, which is a lie, and rejects God just like the Israelites of old, and that is why judgment is falling on our country.

In the Bronx, where I was raised, we all sinned together and when we gave our lives to Jesus we all served the Lord together. There are white racists, black racists, and all other groups have racists in them.

The real problem is that people don’t fear God who sees and hears everything and is angry with the wicked every day, and it doesn’t matter what they look like or where they come from.

As a pastor on the South Side of Youngstown we have members of every race and appearance and it doesn’t matter because they are all Christians who love Jesus and their neighbors no matter what they look like.

Man judges by the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart and He can take out anyone’s heart of stone and put in a heart of flesh.

Leo Feher, Youngstown

US must not let Trump destroy democracy’s fabric

President Donald J. Trump said he fired the head of the FBI, James Comey, because he wasn’t doing his job and that he is a showboat and a grandstander. Wow! Does anybody else think that Trump is describing himself? Talk about a hypocrite.

He says that the tale about Putin interfering in the 2016 elections was made up by the press and that he doesn’t know anything about it. Yeah right! When the truth comes out and Trump is caught in his mess of lies, how long will it take to impeach him? Let’s hurry it up so we can find that Vice President Mike Pence is just as big a liar and crook as Trump.

The roughly 80,000 people from Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania who put Trump over the top can sit back and say to themselves, “Boy did we screw up.” When it comes down to it, if Trump is allowed to continue, he will destroy the very fabric of our democracy. Health care, the environment, education, citizens rights and union workers are in big trouble under this grandstander.

The most dangerous part of what Trump is capable of is expanding the fiasco in Afghanistan and Syria, plus starting a war with North Korea or possibly Iran. All of the mothers who have sons and daughters in the military, you had better get ready to send them to one of those God forsaken hell holes to put they’re lives on the line for Trump.

Did you ever notice that when foreign leaders are invited to the White House in Florida they are treated with respect and bragged up by Trump and as soon as they’re gone he starts running his mouth about them. That’s two-faced; if China is a currency manipulator, tell them they are. If Mexico isn’t going to pay for the Great Wall, don’t keep telling the American people that they are and quit saying that the press is the reason for all of our problems. This same bunch has pledged their loyalty to Trump, and that reminds me of that crazy bunch in Nazi Germany making the same pledge to that little creep with the funny mustache.

Bud McKelvey, Hermitage, Pa.

Support sought to shed light on suicide prevention

In 2013, my stepson Terry took his own life. Not knowing where to turn for help, we found the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention had a local event in Youngstown, the “Out of the Darkness” walk.

We attended our first walk in October 2013 and found it to not only be a beautiful event but a very educational one. In 2015, with the possibility of the walk ending due to the current chairperson stepping down, my wife, Cindy, took over the role. And I can honestly say I have never been more proud of her.

The 2015 walk had 10 sponsors, approximately 800 registered participants, and raised $31,000. Last year we had 21 sponsors, over 1,200 walkers and raised over $38,000. As you can imagine we want this year’s event to be even bigger, as we have over 30 sponsors and hope to see a lot more people.

It is not until you become involved with the organization that you realize the sheer number of people who take their own lives. Every day 113 people die by suicide, 22 of those who are veterans. Suicide is not only the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., but it is the second leading cause of death in ages 12-19.

I am again asking for the community’s help in supporting us this year on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, at 10 a.m. at Mill Creek Park’s Wick Recreation Area as we walk with those who have lost someone to suicide, are a survivor themselves or have struggled with suicidal thoughts.

For more information about walking and/or donating to an existing team you may visit the following sites: www.afsp.org or www.outofthedarkness.org and search for the Youngstown, Ohio walk.

You may also contact my wife Cindy via her email at sorslene@yahoo.com should you have any questions.

Steven Orslene, Cortland

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