Add national anthem, invocation to make Panerathon even better

Add national anthem, invocation to make Panerathon even better

Unfortunately, the only thing missing at the Panerathon, after the hard work and planning that went into an otherwise perfect event, was an invocation and the “The Star- Spangled Banner.”

Was this about being “politically correct”, or the demise of Christianity and patriotism in this country? I hope it is not the latter.

I have attended the Indianapolis 500 (“The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”), for the past 28 years, where there is the highest attendance to a sporting event in this country (more than 300,000 in 2016).

“The Star-Spangled Banner” is expected and accepted enthusiastically by all. The invocation is given to this enormous crowd in “total silence”. It is a beautiful thing.

Please understand, this is in no way intended to discredit this immensely valuable and great event. (My wife is a breast-cancer survivor) I respectfully ask that this be taken into consideration next year.

Joe McGee, Canfield

It’s time for Congress to impeach president

Once again the petulant overgrown brat in the White House cannot own his own mistakes. By now, I guess, everything that comes out of his mouth or his tweets is the fault of the media.

When Congress returns this week from its hiatus, will the impeachment process finally start? The House of Representatives should do the impeachment and the Senate the ouster. Thus far, there are a number of grounds that can be used by the House. They should not have to be enumerated here.

When Trump did not receive the majority popular vote, that should have alerted Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, that the majority of voters in the U.S. do not want him to be in the White House, desecrating our country as he does on a continuing basis. He perpetrates his hatreds so other countries are losing respect for our country on the world stage.

Let’s let the members of Congress know they must act as though they have the country’s best interest at heart, and enact impeachment against the scowling, little boy and let him continue his thumb0sucking on his own time. Does he have his own little “bankie” for security?

Shirley A. Bartlett, Austintown

Hysterical revisionism?

The insistence to remove images of historical figures here is similar to the Soviets destroying records of the actions of its Stalinist leaders; Russian elimination of opposition leaders continues today and goes largely uninvestigated and unnoticed.

Here, those who attack supporters of preserving historical figures are largely uninvestigated but receive what appears to be widespread notice and even implied approval by the media, especially by cartoonists who portray the opposition as haters.

The First Amendment protects the freedom of “speech.”The courts have extended the term speech to include not only spoken words but works of art. Statues of historical significance have not only historical value but are the creator’s work. Why destroy them to move them to an obscure location? History cannot be rewritten by certainly “revised,” similar to what the Soviet Russians have attempted to do.

In Texas vs. Johnson (1989) the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that flag burning constitutes “speech” and is constitutionally protected. If flag burning is protected, certainly statues as stationary objects do not wave or talk, and as such are less offensive.

C.D. Rafoth, Youngstown