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Labor activists, government reps decry Trump policies at Boardman rally today

Saturday, September 2, 2017


State lawmakers, local union representatives and leaders of national worker-rights movements decried President Donald J. Trump’s record on jobs and assailed corporate offshoring policies at a Labor Day weekend rally today at an abandoned call center.

The Mahoning Valley was the sixth stop on a national Pick Up Tour that began in Indianapolis on Aug. 21 with a rally led by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders. It took place at the site of the former Verizon call center on Boardman-Canfield Road, where 450 people once worked.

“President Trump has been all talk and no action for the working men and women in America,” former state Sen. Nina Turner, surrogate for Sanders and now president of Our Revolution, told the rally attendees. She said the president promised to be “the greatest jobs president” and to work for fair-trade policies, but those promises were not kept once he entered the White House.

“We need Mr. Trump to get in touch with President Trump,” she said.

Joseph Geeverghese, national director of Good Jobs Nation, said the president can help stop the erosion of jobs “right now with the stroke of a pen.” He added that Trump can sign an executive order that would prevent companies from getting lucrative federal contracts if they engage in offshoring – the sending of jobs overseas.

Geeverghese added that 62 mass layoffs have taken place in Ohio in the first seven months of Trump’s presidency.

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