Adoptable animals bound for Ohio to making room for Texans' pets

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By Amanda Tonoli

Adoptable animals from Texas will soon be traveling to Ohio to make room for rescued animals that were lost in the flood after Hurricane Harvey.

The purpose is to make room by moving out the animals that were in the animal shelters before the hurricane, so that there is more room for those rescued, said local animal activist Jason Cooke of Brookfield, who is aiding the efforts from Montgomery County, Texas.

“Once we move them out of the shelters, like moving five out, we can take in five rescues,” he said. “We don’t want to be moving people’s animals out of state.”

Cooke said the number of animals people are bringing in is high.

“They are bringing in dogs and cats and other animals as the water recedes,” he said. “The volunteers have brought in 33 dogs just in the last few hours, and 30 dogs were just rescued and are waiting to be transported back here.”

Cooke is stationed at the Montgomery County fairgrounds with between 100 and 150 crates set up for rescued animals.

“As the water recedes, people are going back to their homes, and there are just animals wandering,” he said

Cooke got involved with the effort after becoming interested in a Facebook post about a woman’s boyfriend rescuing a dog trapped on a roof.

“I couldn’t share her post, but I let people know what was going on and, well, the post went viral on my page, and we started talking after she contacted me and we started talking about several rescues. And I said, ‘I’m going to come down and help.’”

The help surrounding the efforts to rescue both animals and people devastated by the flooding has been an eye opener, Cooke said.

“I really just started to realize how fortunate we are with where we live that we don’t have to contend with tragedies like this,” Cooke said. “But to offset the tragedy, I am here seeing so many people from so many places coming together helping one another, driving thousands of miles just to see if they can help. It’s uplifting. With all the negativity lately, there are a heck of a lot of good people out there. It’s just a reminder that when push comes to shove – people and animals in trouble – we come together and we help.”


Locals can donate to these organizations to help those hit by Hurricane Harvey:

Catholic Diocese of Youngstown: Mail donations to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, Office of Social Action, Catholic Diocese of Youngstown, 114 W. Wood St., Youngstown, OH 44503, or click the “Hurricane Harvey” link at The diocese will forward the money to Catholic Charities USA.

American Red Cross: Donate at

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