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Neighbors | Zack Shively .Children listened and interacted during a reading of “Ten Red Apples“ by Pat Hutchins during the Tales and Talk for 2s and 3s at the Boardman library on Sept. 13.


Neighbors | Zack Shively .Children stacked ten pictures of apples on their heads after listening to "Ten Apples Up on Top" by Dr. Seuss at the Boardman library on Sept. 13.


Neighbors | Zack Shively .A child and parent stamped a booklet made during craft time of Tales and Talk for 2s and 3s at the Boardman library on Sept. 13. The children used a stamp or an apple to stamp on their booklet.


Neighbors | Zack Shively .Children decorated booklets during craft time at Tales and Talk for 2s and 3s. The event happened at Boardman library and included time for stories and crafting.


Neighbors | Zack Shively .Boardman librarian Karen Saunders read “Ten Red Apples“ by Pat Hutchins and had the children bring up magnets with animals and apples to the board.


Boardman library offered a “Tales and Talk for 2s and 3s” event for young children on Sept. 13.

Librarian Karen Saunders started the event with “Clap, Clap, Clap Your Hands“ with various directions for hand movements and tempo changes. Saunders used apples as the theme for this week as the event happened during apple harvesting season.

Saunders read two stories for the story time aspect of the event. First, she read “Ten Red Apples“ by Pat Hutchins. She handed out different animals cut-outs with magnets on them before the story. She had a magnetic whiteboard next to her with a magnetic tree and apples attached. The children listened intently as they waited for the animal they held to be named. Once Saunders said the animal name, the child walked up and placed the animal on the board and grabbed an apple magnet and placed it by the animal’s mouth.

Saunders passed out stuffed animals and paper cut-outs of apples before the second story, “Ten Apples Up on Top“ by Dr. Seuss. The children placed an apple on their stuffed animal as the characters in the story placed apples on their heads, culminating in ten apples total. The children stood up and balanced the ten apple cut-outs on their heads following the story.

The children walked over to the craft table after story time. Saunders demonstrated the craft they would make.

They would take a piece of paper, cut one side and fold it to create a mini-booklet. Saunders provided the children with stamps, cut apples and stamp pads. The children could choose to press the stamp or apple on the stamp pad and stamp their booklet.

The cut-in-half apple created a star pattern when stamped on the paper.

The Boardman library hosts “Tales and Talk for 2s and 3s“ every Wednesday in the child’s meeting room. The event focuses on literacy and crafting skills of the toddlers.

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