Niles schools have earned ‘yes’ votes on tax levy

Niles schools have earned ‘yes’ votes on tax levy

We all know the slogan of the real estate industry – “location, location, location” – when trying to find the property that will be a great investment.

One of the best ways to maintain our property value is ensure our community is a desirable place to live with schools that are safe, well- maintained and have up to date learning material and curriculum resources.

It has been 12 years since the passage of a Niles City Schools operating levy.

We were surprised to find that some of our acquaintances confused the management of the city of Niles finances with the school district. The city does not manage the local school district budget.

Despite a $1 million cut in federal and state funding, Niles schools have managed money well. Our schools now need to replace the extremely outdated textbooks, outdated technology and maintain current transportation services.

We recently read an informational flier that outlined the cost-saving measures the district has taken that included the elimination of two administrative salary positions, restructured cafeteria services and vendor purchases, and leveraging grant dollars. The board has increased cost to employees for their health care, and busing to nonpublic and charter schools has been cut.

We want to maintain our schools and be a community that families want to move into because they know we value education and provide for students in our community. This helps hold our property value.

We encourage Niles residents to join me in voting “yes” for the school operating levy.

Joan and Dick Ries, Niles

Don’t believe false claims on Brookfield zoning issue

On Nov. 7, votERS of Brookfield Township will be asked to vote “yes” in support of the 2017 Brookfield Township Zoning Resolution.

To this end, I am asking that the township residents take a good and long look at their township and the future it holds for them. Zoning detractors are claiming that the government “of a few” will take away all property and homeowner rights. They are claiming that property and homeowners will no longer be able to do as they wish with their properties and homes. It ain’t so, folks.

The purpose and goals of zoning are to promote and uphold the public health, safety, general welfare and morals of the township, through regulation of the use of land and of the type, size, and use of structures. Having read and reread the proposed resolution many times, I have yet to find anything where the township trustees will abrogate the rights of any property or home owner.

In fact, if the detractors would read the Zoning Resolution in its entirety, they would clearly see the protections and enhancements that zoning will bring to the township.

Here’s a few facts for you: Zoning will not increase your property taxes. Tax increases are done via assessments at the county level. Zoning will draw businesses and new home owners to the township.

Zoning will not tell you what color to paint your house. Zoning can protect your property and home from inappropriate businesses or structures or dumping nearby. Had zoning been enacted years ago, the township may have had a better fight to keep gas wells out of the township and to keep the brine dumpers away. Everyone benefits from zoning. Zoning is not the same as the township Property Code Enforcement Program; they are two different programs.

If you haven’t read the zoning resolution, you can find it online at Zoning isn’t losing anything; it’s all to gain for a better township, with better services, and greater potential for the all in the future. Please support the resolution and vote “yes”.

Gary Yonchak, Masury

Gary Yonchak is recording secretary of the Brookfield Township Zoning Committee.

Time for Trump to quit

To Donald Trump: Please resign, and join the many other people who have left your Cabinet.

First, your response to Puerto Rico has been inadequate.

Second, you have made references about professional athletes not honoring “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Do you realize that the “Star- Spangled Banner” refers to the land of the free? Has this land always been free to the blacks and other minorities?

The Pledge of Allegiance says liberty and justice for all. Has everyone been entitled to that?

When you were running for president, Mr. Trump, you said you know more than the generals, yet you never served in the military.

Cyril Slifka, Youngstown

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