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State auditor discovers $2,000 overpayment to engineer Smith

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

WARREN — The Ohio Auditor’s Office has issued a finding for recovery for an overpayment in 2016 of $2,000 to Randy Smith, Trumbull County engineer and sanitary engineer.

Smith repaid the money in June.

The error was the result of sanitary engineering payroll being changed from a monthly schedule to a bi-weekly schedule at the direction of the county auditor's office, the finding says.

Smith was appointed to take on the additional job of overseeing the sanitary engineer's office in March 2015, the finding says.

Smith was to receive an extra $2,000 per month for the additional assignment, payable monthly, totaling $24,000 per year.

But instead he was paid $1,000 additional per two-week pay period. Over the course of a year, that overpaid him $2,000.

The finding notes that Smith had nothing to do with the change to a bi-weekly pay system.

Smith "did not notice the overpayment because sanitary engineering services are lumped together with other gross pay, making the overpayment difficult to detect," the finding says.