Corruption rises anew

Corruption rises anew

First of all, is any one really surprised by the recent incident of a local developer? The names change – but the game remains the same. Cheat, bribe local officials and put $$$ in your pocket.

We will never learn. When will the good, decent folk speak up and make a difference for the good? We all can only hope.

This is still the major problem with Youngstown – corruption continues at the highest levels.

Ken Seeds, Youngstown

White House needs to keep public lands public

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Then a plan on President Trump’s desk could affect you. The Department of Interior recently recommended that the White House shrink boundaries of and allow damaging drilling and mining on 10 national monuments. These are public lands that conserve landscapes and are home to incredible fish and wildlife populations, important historic and archaeological treasures and stunning scenery.

A lot of people cherish national monuments: more than 2.8 million public comments were submitted on the matter, the vast majority of which favored keeping national monuments intact.

This Trump administration proposal to undercut protections for 10 national monuments threatens all public lands. It’d set a terrible precedent if the administration unilaterally shrinks their boundaries or allows damaging industrial activity on them. Many legal experts believe this plan is flawed and that the president lacks authority to act alone to rescind or alter national monuments.

I couldn’t agree more. National monuments belong to all Americans, from Cascade-Siskiyou in Oregon to Katahdin Woods and Waters in Maine. They’re an irreplaceable part of our natural heritage we must pass on to our kids and grandkids.

My recommendation? Don’t mess with public lands – keep them public.

Tom Butch, Salem

What about the victim?

I’m appalled by all the whining, hand-wringing, sniffling and tears for poor L’il Ma’lik Richmond of the Youngstown State University football team.

I’d calculate 99 percent-plus of media, faculty, administration, coaches and apparently team mates support L’il Ma’lik. There was a petition before the settlement not to let him play but no uproar.

Here’s a solution: Do not attend YSU games if L’il Ma’lik is on the roster. If my addition is correct, the score is now victim, 1; L’il Ma’lik, a billion.

I support the victim.

D.T. Sumerville, McDonald

Boycott NFL players and Hollywood stars

What is with our sports figures that all of a sudden they don’t feel that they need to respect our national anthem?

Luckily if they are that unhappy with our country, then they have the funds that it would take to move to whatever country they choose. I personally hope they do decide to leave.

I will not limit my opinions to the sports figures but also to the movie stars that all of a sudden are critical of our country and its government. I will not see a movie that these stars are in, and I hope that many of our other citizens of this great country will boycott their movies. Who do both the sports figures and the movie stars think provide them with the massive incomes they receive? If the citizens of this country quit attending sporting activities and the movie theaters, will these industries keep paying them their six-figure salaries?

The other concern I have with their attitude is that they are role models for children. What kind of example are they setting? If they want their children raised by these hypercritical individuals, so be it, but I do not want mine looking up to them.

I want to thank the sheriff of Mahoning County for not sending his patrolmen to the Cleveland Browns’ games. With this in mind, I want to ask how many of our sports figures have served in the military and do they not have their careers because others have served and guaranteed our safety. Along with the military we have our policemen and our firemen that also provide us with protection. The sports figures have chosen to play their sports and are aware of the potential for injuries. The policemen and firemen have also chosen their profession, but they do not know what faces them when they respond.

Finally, LeBron James said the man that is our president should be setting a better example. To that I agree, but does he realize how many young children and adults look up to the sports figures and should they not be setting a better example?

To those protesting, please take yourselves to another country with the salaries you have earned in our country.

Nancy Epstein, Boardman

Memo to NFL players

Just a message to all NFL players:

If you feel the need to take a knee during the national anthem, try taking two, and thank God for all your blessings.

Peg Bodine, New Middletown

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