Prevent falls

Prevent falls


Falls are the leading cause of injury-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations and deaths among Ohioans 65 and older. The Ohio Department of Aging’s STEADY U Ohio initiative and Golden Buckeye program offer tips to ensure that holiday shopping trips don’t end with a fall. They include:

• Shop at off-peak times to avoid crowds and long waits.

• Report hazards, such as spills, loose rugs or mats and unsafe sidewalks or stairs, to store staff immediately.

• Avoid walking around displays that block your view of other shoppers and obstacles.

• Ask store staff for help carrying heavy or bulky packages or bags to your vehicle.

• If you use your cane or walker at home, shop with it, too. Take advantage of the mobility scooters many stores provide.

• Tell store staff if you see anybody behaving in an unsafe manner.

• If you fall, even if you’re not hurt, notify store staff and management right away so that they can document the incident.

• Prepare for icy conditions. Dress for the weather, but make sure you can see in all directions and move freely. Wear warm shoes that fit well and offer good traction.

Grant for special needs


The Thomases Family Endowment of the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation awarded a $3,500 grant to Help Network of Northeast Ohio to help support the agency’s Special Navigator for Families with Special Needs program which offers free guidance and referral information to families that have children with special needs. A parent/family specialist assists families and professionals in locating programs, services and information by calling 330-747-5437. This service is available to Mahoning and Trumbull County residents.

Help Network of Northeast Ohio’s mission is improving lives by providing immediate comprehensive services to support and connect people with community resources.

Healthy foods to incorporate into diet


James Colquhoun, cofounder of “Food Matters TV,” recommends foods to incorporate into diets to nourish and support healthy hearts and bodies. They are:

• Avocados: Avocados contain a range of vital nutrients needed for a healthy body; they’re also full of healthy fats and fiber for a healthy heart.

• Nuts: A recent study shows eating at least 10 grams of nuts each day can reduce risk of early death from all major causes including cancer, diabetes, brain, lung and heart diseases.

• Bananas: The potassium in bananas helps maintain normal heart function and the balance of sodium and water in the body. Potassium helps kidneys excrete excess sodium which contributes to healthy blood pressure.

• Leafy Greens: Researchers believe that one key reason leafy greens are so good for hearts is because of their dietary nitrate content. A study published in “The Journal of Physiology” outlines the way nitrates in the diet protect the heart and improve overall blood flow, showing that leafy greens are an effective way to help the heart pump more efficiently.

• Cacao/Dark Chocolate: The antioxidant-rich cacao found in dark chocolate offers health benefits for hearts. The flavonoid content is said to help maintain or restore vascular nitric oxide production and minimize the damage caused by free radicals, protecting the heart.

• Tomatoes: Research suggests that the combination of nutrients in tomatoes may help prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce blood pressure.

• Berries: Berries are low in calories, high in moisture and fiber, and contain natural antioxidants, all of which help prevent heart disease.

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