For the Week of Sunday, November 26, 2017

Published: Sun, November 26, 2017 @ 12:00 a.m.

Dominic A. Miletta Jr. to Mark D. Miletta, James St., Poland, $82,000.

Stephen A. Grace to Megan R.G. Kirk, Douglas Ave., Youngstown, $25,000.

Sherry K. Myers et al to Katie S. Ferrall, Nassau Court, Austintown, $91,000.

Natalie M. Lariccia to Ronald V. Julius et al, Westford Place Unit 2D, Canfield, $250,000.

Daniel H. Brode et al to Daniel M. Ross et al, Longview Circle, North Lima, $293,000.

Pingora Loan Servicing LLC to John J. Takich, Clifton Drive, Boardman, $30,400.

Jennifer E. Stofko to Clift S. Yambrovich, South Ave., Poland, $96,000.

Sasha L. Montanez-Vega to Yomayia Medina, Hilton Ave., Youngstown, $1,500.

Georgann M. Janovick et al to Charles W. Lias et al, Appleridge Circle, Boardman, $148,000.

Mark C. Bruck et al to Quinby and Sons Realty LLC, Jean St., Youngstown, $9,000.

Gerald G. Benson and Robert A. Simione, W. Wood St., Lowellville, $84,900.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Stendercorrigan Holdings LLP, Rhoda Ave., Youngstown, $11,000.

Curtis H. Poulton et al to John P. Nazarian, various lots, North Lima, $20,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Roberta Eastman, Nellbert Lane, Boardman, $40,000.

John Boyer et al to Robin L. Costello, Hunters Woods Blvd No. 23A, Canfield, $205,000.

Robert McConnell to Ronald D. DiRenzo, Maplecrest Drive Unit C, Youngstown, $38,000.

Daniel D. Donatelli Jr. et al to Jason R. Jamieson et al, Ivy Hill Drive, Poland, $30,500.

Anthony Caizza et al to Youngstown State University Foundation, Court St., Youngstown, $41,500.

Joseph W. Mortimer to 323 Indiana LLC, Riblet Road, Austintown, $10,000.

Kevin Collins et al to Daryl Kirtley et al, Leffingwell Road, Canfield, $220,000.

Daniel W. Harden II to Baywinds Management LLC, Palmer Ave., Campbell, $11,000.

Vincent A. Pellegrira to Gloria E. Boazar, Maureen Drive, Austintown, $67,000.

Baywinds Management LLC to Whitestone Investments LLP, Palmer Ave., Campbell, $20,000.

Forty 55 LTD to Jennifer L. Nielson, Callaway Circle, Austintown, $105,000.

Premier Development LTD to Feorgeann T. Agresta et al, Saint James Way, Poland, $50,000.

Philip D. Kabalan to David J. Rincones et al, N. Hartford Ave., Youngstown, $49,750.

Rita Gough to Kathleen M. Gerdes, W. Harvey St., Struthers, $116,500.

Dale K. Benedetti et al, to Jesse E. Shinn et al, W. Middletown Road, Beloit, $341,900.

Dannis Orr et al to Norman F. Hunt et al, various lots, North Jackson, $33,000.

Stone Investment LLC to Sebring Townhouse Apts. LLC, S. 13th St., Sebring, $913,732.

Richard Dean et al to Michael J. Douglas, Ellett Road, Beloit, $27,500.

Briona L. Moore et al v. William Sokol et al, Bay Meadow Court, Austintown, $250,000.

Mary L. Steinmuller to Dwayne Ochs et al, Mayflower Drive, Boardman, $140,000.

Nils P. Johnson Jr. to Lawrence G. Valerio et al, Loretta Drive, Boardman, $155,000.

Jerry N. Zaza et al to Adam N. Magana et al, Tamarisk Trail, Poland, $165,500.

David Ferris Jr. et al to Natalie Arroyo, Quentin Drive, Youngstown, $61,200.

Troy M. Larson to Family Lease LLC, W. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, $21,000.

First National Acceptance to Huy Ha et al, Woodview Ave., Boardman, $90,000.

Huy Ha et al to Vo Ut Thi, Woodview Ave., Boardman, $75,000.

Sylvester Land Co. Limited to 8324 South Ave. LLC, South Ave., Boardman, $1,950,000.

James H. Andrews et al to Michael D. Ramun, Yellow Creek Drive, Poland, $330,000.

Paul R. Chizmar et al to Nicholas J. Blount et al, S. Duck Creek Road, Berlin Center, $220,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Les L. Unger, E. Florida Ave., Sebring, $23,000.

Susan E. Scheetz to Judith A. Principi, Lake Pointe Circle, Canfield, $225,000.

Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Brandon Bower et al, W. County Line Road, Mineral Ridge, $246,020.

Diana S. Burich to Nicholas A. Jacubec, Hamilton Blvd., Struthers, $130,000.

Martin D. Hobby et al to Brian S. Poole et al, E. South Range Road, New Springfield, $137,500.

Joseph S. Williams et al to Themistodes Tsarnas et al, Lynn Road, North Lima, $275,000.

Cabrera Ventures LLC to Rosa Y. Crutz, E. Avondale Ave., Youngstown, $12,500.

Connie A. Fagnano to Kevin D. Swadener et al, Forest Hill Drive, Austintown, $76,000.

Safe 2008 to Home Sweet Home Enterprises LLC, W. South Range Road, Alliance, $31,000.

JoAnn Wallace to Balderbhai S. Patel et al, S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown, $11,000.

Youngstown Choice Homes II to Shade L. Dodson, W. Chalmers Ave., Youngstown, $14,500.

Joseph M. Capasso et al to Gregory A. Nicklas et al, S. Pricetown Road, Berlin Center, $310,000.

Jeffrey Skoloda et al to Anthony Tosca, Geneva Ave., Struthers, $64,000.

Frances Bielecki to Milka Toman-Basich, Wesley Ave., Youngstown, $36,000.

Amakg Holdings LP to Richard A. Young, Delray St. No. 24, New Middletown, $105,000.

Ilukhio LLC to Samuel Kosec, Risher Road, Youngstown, $43,000.

Rose M. Yohman to Joni S. Canby, Shawnee Trail, Youngstown, $51,000.

Chad Beasley to Brittany A. Banks et al, Campbell St., Youngstown, $12,500.

Cocca Development LTD to Vincent Antonelli et al, Spring St., Struthers, $20,000.

Laura A. Kreusle to August J. Seckler, Arden Blvd., Youngstown, $25,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to August J. Seckler, Basil Ave., Boardman, $30,000.

Carla A. Lewis to Christopher C. Reed, St. Andrews Drive No. 5, Canfield, $97,900.

Joseph M. Kalmer et al to Daniel J. Fernback Jr., Wildwood Drive, Youngstown, $100,500.

4941 Market St. LLC to Elite Property Pros RS International, Market St., Youngstown, $132,500.

John A. Mitchell Jr. to Thomas G. Sphar, West Blvd., Boardman, $80,000.

John E. Stephens et al to Adam J. Matthews, Eastwind Place, Austintown, $234,000.

Susan I. Petro et al to Brian J. Mannozzi, Medford Ave., Youngstown, $37,000.

Alice L. Washington to Andrae Price, W. Chalmers Ave., Youngstown, $4,000.

Ralph J. Walker et al to Melissa Mauch, S. Edgehill Ave., Youngstown, $71,000.

Nancy M. Tamburro to Joel A. Slanco et al, E. Parkside Drive, Boardman, $130,000

CastleRock 2017 LLC to Rebekah Catalano et al, Pennsylvania Ave. E., Sebring, $15,500.

T&A Parkside LLC to RP Boardman LLC, Boardman-Canfield Road, Boardman, $770,000.

Debora Viglio to Stivason Rentals LLC, S. Maryland Ave., Youngstown, $19,750.

Daniel J. Mansky to John B. Beggs, Brunswick Road, Youngstown, $85,800.

Elite Property Pros RS International Inc. to Balbir K. Pabila, Marmion Ave., Youngstown, $20,000.

Rinay Chand to Balbir K. Pabila, 6th St., Campbell, $28,514.

Judith E. Hack to Cindy J. DiBella, Hamman Drive, Youngstown, $83,100.

Jubilee Urban Renewal to Michael Kellie et al, Lansdowne Blvd., Youngstown, $25,000.

Rinay Chand to Howard Russell, Wychwood Lane, Youngstown, $17,900.

Elite Property Pros RS International to Law Urban Real Estate Investors, N. Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown, $23,900.

Cynthia A. Gabriel-Nuzzi to Michael J. Horne et al, Tamarisk Trail, Poland, $167,000.

Mary Jane Marzo to Edward J. Barone Jr., 5th St., Struthers, $69,500.

Mary A. Borkesz Mark Kellerman, Birchwood Drive, Youngstown, $66,000.

Lynn Durbin to Matthew P. Impton et al, Bob-O-Link Drive, Youngstown, $132,900.

Brad A. Whinnery et al to David E. Conaway et al, Derr Ave., Beloit, $150,000.

Home Investment Fund II LP to Jeffry L. Biery et al, state Route 534, Damascus, $50,000.

Mark A. Brunswick to Katelyn M. Desko, Glen Oaks Drive, Youngstown, $57,000.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania to Nadine C. Shearer, Timber Lane, Austintown, $51,000.

Nicole Kasensky to Meghan W. Naylor, Cascade Drive, Youngstown, $68,500.

Gary R. Baker et al to Caleb S. Spalding, Orchard Place, Lake Milton, $100,000.

Shahzad Ahmed to Balbir K. Pabila, various properties, Youngstown, $37,500.

Anthony M. Ciccone to Franklin R. Evans, Hamilton Blvd., Struthers, $74,235.

Melody K. Scott et al to Scott Family Ventures LLC, N. Fifteenth St., Sebring, $55,000.

Julie M. Smith to John A. Scott, Cherrywood, Boardman, $245,000.

James H. Davis to Matthew R. Baird et al, Crory Road, Canfield, $315,000.

Matthew Wallace et al to Michael J. Maiorana, Woodgate St., Austintown, $159,900.

Roxanne M. Lawrence to Brenda L. Irwin, Nottingham Ave., Austintown, $134,000.

John D. Roth et al to Steven Robbins et al, Struthers Road, Poland, $398,800.


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