Pioneer Trails Tree Farm, Covelli and Union work together for troops

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Neighbors | Zack Shively.Union Elementary decorated Christmas bulbs to place on trees from Pioneer Trails Tree Farm. The tree farm participates in the Operation Evergreen initiative where they send Christmas trees to those serving in the military oversees.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Union Elementary students attached name tags on their Christmas bulbs. One side of the tag said "thank you" and the other side said either “hero,“ “brave“ or “strong,“ depending on the student's choice.


Neighbors | Submitted.Poland Union Elementary teamed with Covelli Enterprises to raise money to help Pioneer Trails Tree Farm pay to ship Christmas trees to troops serving overseas. The school asked children to bring in spare change and raised $429. Covelli Enterprises matched the donation to bring in a total of $858. Representatives from Covelli Enterprises visted the school on Nov. 10. Pictured are Ashlee Mauti and Becke Ballentine with Union students.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The Union Elementary's PTO organize an art project every month. About 60 volunteers came to the school to help the teachers with the month's art projects. Pictured are finger painted Christmas bulbs, one of the art projects.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Poland Union Elementary did a couple of special art activities on Nov. 10 for Veterans Day. One of the art projects was creating a thank you card for the school's music teacher Dana Veneskey, who served in the military. Pictured is Kendra Gura's kindergarten class with their cards.


Poland Union Elementary and Covelli Enterprises worked with Pioneer Tails Tree Farm for Operation Evergreen on Nov. 10.

Operation Evergreen is an initiative to bring Christmas trees to soldiers currently serving in another country. The school hosted two events to help Pioneer Trails Tree Farm with their initiative.

The school asked the students to bring in spare change. They collected the change as a donation to Pioneer Trails Tree Farm. They funded $429. Covelli Enterprises worked with the school in their endeavor and matched the donation. The farm received $828 in total for Operation Evergreen.

Mary Jan Perdulla, owner of Pioneer Tails Tree Farm, said the project “is a way to send Christmas cheer to troops overseas.“ They have been involved with Operation Evergreen since 1996.

They will send 173 trees overseas this year. She sends the trees to Reynoldsburg for inspection, and the trees go from there to Kuwait, where they will be distributed. UPS ships the trees. The cost of shipping for the project is quite high, so Perdulla appreciates the help she has received from the school and Covelli Enterprises.

The school also painted ornaments for the troops throughout the day. The students received a bulb during their art class and finger painted on the ornament. The school’s PTO helped the students and provided some art supplies.

The PTO organizes monthly art projects for the students. Once a month, volunteers in the class come in and lead an art class that the whole school will participate in. About 60 PTO members came this month to help organized the project.

Along with the bulb, the students also made a “thank you” card on a tag that attached to the bulb. The children wrote “thank you” on one side of the tag and chose to write either “hero,“ “brave“ or “strong“ on the other side.

The school used the activity as a way to honor the troops currently in the military. The students also honored their choir teacher, Dana Veneskey, who served in the military by making cards that thanked her for her service.

Poland Union Elementary has teamed up with Pioneer Tails Tree Farm for many years in the past. Principal Michael Masucci has worked with the farm for Operation Evergreen for 10 years.

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