Arrows, chain saws hurt essence of Poland Forest

Arrows, chain saws hurt essence of Poland Forest

The white deer is dead. As the autumn leaves displayed their fall colors, attracting hundreds of visitors to the Poland Municipal Forest, many were treated to an unusual and memorable sighting of a young albino buck deer that had taken residence in the forest.

The four-prong buck, with one antler missing, was often sighted on the high ground along the east side of the forest. It was accepting of observers, often lingering a few yards away from forest visitors providing a close and memorable encounter. People in the forest talked about their observation of the white deer and, according to folklore, about the good luck that seeing a white deer would bring.

Yet someone, for reasons beyond comprehension, shot this extraordinary and lovely creature with an arrow. The deer died three days later from its wound. The archer who shot the arrow is not only a killer who destroyed a lovely creature, but also a thief who stole experiences of a lifetime from forest visitors.

Ironically on the day the white deer died, men with chain saws were cutting trees in the forest, ostensibly to make the forest safe for visitors. There is no statistical or empirical evidence that cutting trees along forest paths makes the forest significantly safer.

But just as the death of the white deer diminished the uniqueness of the forest, cutting trees, even dead trees, diminishes the wildness and uniqueness of the Poland Municipal Forest. Chain saws are to the forest as an arrow is to the white deer. The white deer is gone, but its memory lingers. Let us cherish the wildness of the forest, where the ghost of the white deer still lives.

Lauren Schroeder, Poland

Don’t call drug addiction a disease; it’s problem, choice

I am president of Local 717 in Warren. These views are my opinion alone.

I see real issues with the way the drug epidemic is being handled not only in Trumbull County but across this great nation. I have people close to me who deal with this type of problem and people who work with me that try to provide guidance and support to people facing drug problems.

First, I think it’s great that there’s now a drug that reverses the effects of opioids and saves lives. But many more people are overdosing because it has become a free for all. We are hearing every day how people are being given this life-saving drug on more than one occasion per day.

When someone is given Narcan, he or she is taken to the hospital to recover for a couple of hours then released to go right back out on the street to put more drugs into their system because Narcan has ruined their high. Our government officials are coming forward to condemn the epidemic and saying we are going to do something about it.

Some are calling it an illness and throwing money at it to fight the epidemic. I have a daughter who was diagnosed with spinal cancer. She did not choose to have the cancer injected into her spine. She did not ingest the cancer into her spine. She did not snort the cancer. That is an illness.

Call drug use a “weakness”, “a problem”, “an issue”; call it anything except an illness. People with an illness do not have a choice. For people who abuse drugs, who snort it, shoot it and ingest it, it is a choice.

When someone finally steps up to combat the real issue, we will see a difference. Some type of legislation to hold people accountable instead of a couple hours in the hospital.

Why don’t we create laws that do not put these people right back in the same situation they just came out of? How about a choice of 30 days in jail or 30 days in a drug rehab facility if you have to be revived?

We are making this epidemic worse by sending people right back to the drugs that put them there. I implore our county officials, state officials, and others to instead of stockpiling police, fire and paramedics with this drug, take a real stance.

Ed Salus, Warren

US must address problems with drugs, guns, wars

All drugs and guns used in our country could be easily stopped if authorities admit they are not doing what should be done to stop them. They know from where the drugs are coming, but they are not stopping them. Guns are made to kill people, so what kind of person would want to own a gun?

Then we are involved in other countries’ wars instead of stopping the evil in our country. We have grown men playing children’s games and getting paid ridiculous amounts of money while other people who are helping the sick and dying are paid much less.

These athletes refuse to honor our flag and country, and yet it is this country that has blessed them with wealth and many other blessings.

When I worked for a company in New York City, workers would complain about the job so I told them to get another job. They then complained about the country so I told them to go to another country.

Americans should wake up and realize that with all our problems, we are in the best country in the world. The government should stop all drugs from coming in and from mentally unstable people from owning guns since many crimes are committed with guns against a person’s own relatives.

We should stop sending our men and women to war in other countries and bring them back to America. We should stop the space program since only God is out there, and there are no aliens or anything that we need in space. We could then pay for all our seniors in nursing homes and assisted living and for all our young people studying in college .

It is time for America to wake up and for the government to put our people first, protect them and train them to do what they are competent to do so they can bless their families and our great country.

Leo Feher, Youngstown

Deserter Bowe Bergdahl deserved prison sentence

Recently Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, an admitted deserter, was given a dishonorable discharge for his actions. This is, in my opinion, a grievous affront to all who have served honorably and given so much. Our ex-military and those currently serving must be appalled.

Here we have an individual who deserted his post and his fellow soldiers and was given a dishonorable discharge instead of the prison time that he deserved. His comrades risked their lives in the search to rescue him, and a few were injured.

Yes, he may have been held for five years by the Taliban, but it was through his own desertion. It is hard to feel sorry for him.

It make matters worse that we traded five terrorists for him!

As an ex-Army officer, (who served voluntarily), I am deeply disturbed by the actions of the military tribunal. We have been deserted by our own military.

Frank A. Micchia, Canfield

From Lincoln to Trump, America goes full circle

In 1860, Americans elected the only candidate who could save us – Abraham Lincoln. In 2016 Americans elected the only candidate who could destroy us – Donald Trump.

We’ve come full circle. Lincoln showed that kindness could be powerful. Trump shows us that cruelty can be weak. We lament the destructive forces of the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico but the greatest devastation is taking place in Washington, D.C. Predator Trump threatened that this is “the calm before the storm.”

Yes, the storm is indeed coming, but it will be a storm of the weak, and the calm of the strong will be lost forever. Predator Trump is driving us to self-destruction.

Meanwhile the Chinese have embraced solar energy on a grand scale and are even starting to turn deserts into forests and farmlands. What are we going to have 10 or 20 years from now? Coal and gas and depleted and polluted reservoirs from fracking and mining. Empires always die chasing after dreams of their old glories while the rest of the world moves on to new mornings and accomplishments.

Roger Lafontaine, Youngstown

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