Our duty to US veterans

Duty. Honor. Country. Members of America’s armed forces have embodied those overarching allegiances for more than two centuries now. Those loyalties have molded U.S. soldiers into a prolific fighting force, keenly adept at securing freedom and fortifying freedom in our homeland and around the world.

Appropriately enough, President Donald J. Trump today highlights the selflessness, sacrifice and noble ideals of America’s current and former servicemen and women in his 2017 Veterans Day message to the nation. He also urges Americans from all walks of life to show our soldiers and veterans the respect and gratitude that they have earned and to do all possible to minimize the pain many still sadly endure.

In his proclamation, our commander in chief says, “Our veterans represent the very best of America. They have bravely answered the call to serve in the finest military force in the world, and they have earned the dignity that comes with wearing the uniform and defending our great flag. On Veterans Day, we honor all Americans who have served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, both in times of war and peace.”

To this nation’s credit, recent initiatives, policies and projects suggest that our far too often underrecognized military veterans are finally getting the broader respect and support they are owed.

Trump, marking the holiday in Vietnam with many valiant Vietnam War veterans, noted that measures enacted recently are designed to improve accountability at the Department of Veterans Affairs, reform the VA appeals process and expand the GI Bill.

In broader measures, all Americans should use today’s holiday to recommit themselves to duty, honor and country by working to reward this nation’s military heroes with the dignity, security and assistance they so richly deserve.

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