For the Week of Sunday, November 5, 2017

Published: Sun, November 5, 2017 @ 12:00 a.m.

R&L Enterprises Inc. to Barbara A. Bott, Barnstone Lane, Canfield, $279,000.

5600 Mahoning Ave. LLC to SCF RC Funding IV LLC, Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, $931,062.

Edward Unch Jr. to Diane Gould, Walnut St. Unit A, Boardman, $145,000.

Thomas O. Binion to Heather Dunbar et al, County Line Road, Mineral Ridge, $35,000.

US Bank Trust NA to Shade Tree Holdings LLC, N. Bon Air Ave., Youngstown, $27,000.

Shawn E. Dickinson to David C. Warden, Glenmere Drive, Boardman, $97,350.

Patricia E. Valentine to Keri M. Shoemaker-Wright et al, Metz Road, New Middletown, $162,500.

Sara C. Walling to John Giovenco, 10th St., Struthers, $34,000.

Jonathan Dunn to Brandon Vogrin et al, N. Hillside Road, Canfield, $113,000.

Fissal Suleiman et al to Nick Pantelis, Freemont Ave., Youngstown, $31,000.

Alice Valentich to Machelle Rinko, E. Western Reserve Road No. 1303, Poland, $139,500.

Deborah S. Mower to Edward H. Nau et al, Ottawa Drive, Youngstown, $215,000.

John W. Grove et al to Rory A. Phelan et al, Saddlebrook Drive, Boardman, $326,500.

Presmar Management Inc. to Cider Mill Investments LLC, Canfield-Niles Road, Austintown, $275,000.

Diane M. Smythe to Cider Mill Investments LLC, Huntington Drive, Boardman, $160,000.

Michael J. Maiorana to Patricia R. Kimmel, Penny Lane, Austintown, $92,700.

Andrea R. Mihok et al to The Agent Real Estate LLC, Bridgewood Drive, Boardman, $280,000.

Lisa Mogg to Samantha R. Moore, Nantucket Drive, Austintown, $105,000.

Louis J. Varady to Three Kingz LLC, Third St., Campbell, $8,000.

Lois Rogers to Nakesha L. Hopson, Hunter Ave., Youngstown, $3,000.

Dorothy K. Patton to Verneda S. Burnbrier et al, Maramont Drive Unit A, Boardman, $115,000.

Florence Dial to Bette J. Shinn, Shehy St., Youngstown, $6,000.

William B. Johnston et al to Jacob P. Zimmerman, New Castle Road, Lowellville, $9,000.

William L. Fullerton to Clarence R. Smith Jr. et al, Village Courts, Columbiana, $139,500.

Keith T. Leiter et al to David Schnitz et al, David Court, Austintown, $77,500.

Kondaur Capital Corp. to Eddie F. Arnold, Laurie Drive, Austintown, $79,900.

Swingsoo Kim to Patrick T. Gessler, Killdeer Drive, Canfield, $182,000.

Mary Lou Jaric to Maria P. Kassawat, Van Drive, Poland, $85,000.

Nicholas Shnat et al to Charles McDowell, Hyatt Ave., Campbell, $25,000.

Julie A. Rubicky to Varun Chauhan et al, various lots, Austintown, $280,000.

The Diehl Lake Co. to Gordon C. Williams, Lot 132, Ellsworth Township, $12,000.

Patrick F. Corney et al to Margaret M. Whetstone, Lynn Mar Ave., Poland, $88,000.

Amy R. Burton et al to Amanda M. Ford et al, Creed Road, Diamond, $180,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon to Robert W. Joshua, Newport Drive, Boardman, $160,000.

The Sawyer Family Limited Partnership to CMS Investments LLC, Eisenhower Drive No. 1, Boardman, $47,900.

Marino D. Petrino et al to Sandeep P. Mahey et al, Fairfield Drive, Boardman, $241,000.

J. Polansky Properties LLC to James R. Brocius, Wilcox Road, Austintown, $245,000.

Dennis Smith to Josh Bajo et al, Sycamore Drive, New Middletown, $123,000.

Sonshine Properties LLC to Joyce McCready, Neilsen Ave., Youngstown, $12,000.

Rafoth Properties LLC to Kenzie 8391 LLC, Market St., Boardman, $750,000.

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to Stephen E. Echols Jr. et al, Lakewood, Youngstown, $5,500.

Laura L. Weibel to Joseph A. Faunda et al, Heatherbrae Drive, Poland, $163,000.

Beth A. Mericle to Andrea Robinson, Midway Drive, New Middletown, $186,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Absolute Protection Division LLC, E. Florida Ave., Sebring, $21,500.

Laurie A. Fall to MTG Enterprises LLC, Tippecanoe Road, Canfield, $73,000.

Patricia A. Sabanick et al to Susan C. Grove, Sharrott Road Unit 1602, Beaver Twp., $196,000.

Gailen W. Cramer et al to Soraida Arocho et al, Sanderson Ave., Campbell, $74,500.

BCS to Linda Kiraly, lot 25, Poland, $60,000.

Nancy J. Koperdale to Edward M. Kershaw, S. Roanoke Ave., Youngstown, $59,400.

Premier Real Estate Management LTD to Caitlin Elkins, Youngstown-Salem Road, Salem, $149,000.

Dennis P. Riley et al to Mark H. Mehley, Country Lane, Poland, $179,900.

Lori L. Bowden to L&K Karlock Properties LLC, Lake Pointe Circle, Canfield, $185,000.

Connie L. Sanders to Matthew Davis et al, W. Pine Lake Road, Salem, $70,000.

Matthew Davis et al to Ryan M. Koran et al, W. Pine Lake Road, Salem, $78,000.

Shannon M. Morris et al to Drew G. Duraney, Ida Drive, Poland, $135,500.

Erika Gustafson to Stephen Slavins, Auburn Hills Drive No. 2, Boardman, $72,500.

Pamela Raybuck to Robert A. Mills et al, Mayflower Drive, Boardman, $195,000.

Jennie L. Hunt to Carri Austin et al, Pleasant Valley, Salem, $219,500.

Mark S. Mehalco et al to Brandi J. Baker, Westview Drive, Boardman, $82,000.

Liberty E. Merin et al to Colton Gudat, S. Bon Air, Youngstown, $42,500.

Frank Kinik et al to Joseph R. Scarsella et al, E. Huntington Drive, Boardman, $209,900.

Pamela J. Smaldino to Patricia Dunbar, S. Timberidge Drive, Austintown, $203,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Michael T. Ferguson et al, Nottingham Ave., Youngstown, $83,000.

HSBC Bank USA NA to FOREXBOXUSD LLC, Idlewood Ave., Youngstown, $1,001.

Stefano G. Cocca to Asheesh Pai-Dhungat, Langston Run, Canfield, $740,000.

Otaniel Ortiz to Veritos Ft. Pierce LLC, Emery Ave., Youngstown, $12,400.

Steve J. Simmons et al to Kyle J. Kowalkowski et al, W. Calla Road, North Lima, $95,000.

760 Mahoning LLC to Ignacio Rodriguez, Brookline Ave., Youngstown, $48,000.


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