For the Week of Sunday, May 21, 2017

Published: Sun, May 21, 2017 @ 12:00 a.m.

NATIF Limited to Justin Rance et al, Market St., Youngstown, $265,000.

Taam Properties LLC to Andrew Wabner, Whittier Court, Poland, $165,000.

Thomas M. White et al to Adam Divelbiss, Rosemont Ave. Austintown, $38,500.

Debra L. Bosly et al to Joshua Sawyers et al, Lemoyne Ave., Poland, $96,000.

Steven J. Wyllie et al to Gregory L. Brown, Overlook Ave., Youngstown, $61,000. Justin M. Arnold et al to Todd Marra, Woodlawn Ave., Poland, $85,500.

Louise M. Macabobby to Domenic Viola et al, Pearson Circle #1, Boardman, $76,000.

Difa MV Inc. et al to 6191 South Ave. LLC, Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, $205,000.

Vincent F. Julian et al to Robert D. Blott Jr., Dartmouth, Canfield, $141,500.

Tyron R. Berry to Richard Berry, Arlene Ave., Boardman, $47,000.

Ruth M. Fabek to David A. Basok et al, Sheridan Road, Poland, $70,000.

Brenda L. Folkenroth to Snyder Land LLC, Garfield Road, New Springfield, $31,400.

Matthew Minamyer to Don Stratton et al, State Route 14, Beloit, $56,000.

Karen Davida-Miller to Raymond A. Miller et al, Elton Road, North LIma, $157,900.

Matthew Miramyer to Jems Farms LLC, State Route 534, Beloit, $199,500.

Matthew Minamyer to Jems Farms LLC, State Route 534, Beloit, $50,500.

Hood Maintenance Group LLC to Lance E. Gillam, Manchester Ave., Youngstown, $20,000.

Tarbrooke LLC to John Paine Jr. et al, Section 3, Ellsworth Township, $40,098.

US Bank National Assoc. to Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp., Wychwood Lane, Youngstown, $21,000.

Larry G. Cvetkovich to Brandon Murphy et al, Brungard Road, New Middletown, $222,500.

Daniel Gerberry et al to Brian M. Trimboli, South Shore Drive, Boardman, $160,000.

Leonard Heeter et al to Kenneth E. Grubb, S. Roanoke Ave., Austintown, $75,000.

Roger A. Myers to Enviroscapes Leasing LTD, South Ave., Youngstown, $450,000.

Keith Becher to Dennis P. Orr, Mahoning Ave., North Jackson, $61,500.

Kevin J. Leeds et al to Kathleen A. Cain, Calvary Court, Austintown, $290,000.

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. to Andrew S. Tripoulas, Francisca Ave., Youngstown, $65,000.

Carmel Giambattista to MCTAG, Industrial Park Road, Lisbon, $211,000.

Tammy L. Stefan-Shaffer et al to Kaylie Hebebrand, Harrow Place, Youngstown, $63,000.

3744 Corp. to Jason Mattonson et al, Montgomery Court, Canfield, $246,000.

Sheila M. Shaffer to Barbara Habeger, Patricia Ave., Austintown, $60,000.

US Bank Trust National Assoc. to Kenn Downs et al, Center Road, Lowellville, $33,000.

Mark A. Cursone et al to William S. Pollock et al, Woodledge, Mineral Ridge, $133,000.

Xiaojino Ye et al to Abdul K. Shamsuddin et al, Pearson Circle Unit 4, Boardman, $53,000.

Infinets LLC to Jessica Hunyady, Glenridge Road, Boardman, $103,500.

Nancy K. Butts to Center Properties LLC, Overhill Road, Boardman, $57,500.

Nicholas J. Lombardo to Justin M. Arnold, Dobbins Road, Poland, $255,000.

Kim M. Giancola to Jason Moore, Fourth St., Struthers, $24,000.

Colin F. Eichmann et al to Zachary Bertok, Kempton Court, Canfield, $120,000.

KOS Property Management to Aubrey C. Markota, Mathews Road Unit B, Boardman, $102,000.

Bob Evans Farms LLC to Broadstone BER East LLC, California Ave., Boardman, $2,082,000.

Patti L. Hunt et al to Ashwell Enterprises LLC, Kroeck Ave., Austintown, $25,000.

Thomas A. Rice to Jonathan C. Philips et al, E. Garfield Road, New Springfield, $95,500.

Usman A. Khan to Nicholas Lombardo et al, Cobblers Run, Poland, $370,000.

Joseph M. Stefko to Denise D. McCown, Market St., Boardman, $75,000.

Linda M. Kiraly et al to Corl M. Olson et al, Timber Run Drive, Canfield, $470,000.

Jason E. Longer to Andrew V. Lumpp, Howell Drive, Poland, $146,000.

Noah Kenreigh to Joseph S. Timko et al, S. Broad St., Canfield, $55,000.

Tamara L. Haas to Adam J. Guerrieri, Hood Drive, Canfield, $138,575.

Michael D. Zenn et al to Brian L. Kelly et al, Idlewood Road, Austintown, $49,000.

Susan Filipcich et al to Melvin R. Bowen, Wilcox Road, Austintown, $58,624.

Frances E. Searle, to June A. Hagg, Gordon Ave., Campbell, $15,000.

Baywinds Management LLC to Whitestone Investments LLC, 3rd St., Campbell, $23,000.

James R. Brocious et al to Lenny A. Heeter et al, Pinebrook Court, Austintown, $173,000.

Ryan N. Miller et al to Eric J. Watters, Oakridge Drive, Boardman, $147,900.

Steven A. Wetherill to David M. Heck, Shields Road, Canfield, $110,000.

Patrick L. Brine et al to Vincent A. Zucchero, Morningside Drive, Poland, $180,000.

Peter Proch to Vestonia Viddy, West Heights Ave., Youngstown, $39,100.

David R. McClymonds to RNL Real Estate LLC, Center Road, Poland, $135,000.

Ronald K. Pontius et al to David E. Keeler Jr., Riverside Drive, Poland, $134,900.

Joseph S. Delfre to Heather N. Reinhart, Jaguar Drive, Boardman, $125,500.

Dale N. Finocchio et al to Nicholas B. Bell et al, Centennial Drive, Poland, $173,000.

Common Wealth Inc. to Mason L. Thomas et al, Jackson St., Campbell, $5,500.

Wayland Weng to Mari E. Skurich, Windjammer Drive, Columbiana, $224,900.

Frank S. McNeal Family Limited Partnership to Brian A. Sterchi et al, Red Apple Drive, Austintown, $55,000.

Craig Osment et al to Lori A. Harber, Cascade Road, Youngstown, $37,000.

Jason A. Mays to Jordan W. Razo et al, South Ave., Youngstown, $46,600.

Ryan P. Chooks et al to Steven L. Wellman, Sheridan Road, Youngstown, $81,000.

Lorilyn Shandor to Mark J. Hayes et al, E. Calla Road, New Middletown, $79,500.

Jacqueline S. Didur to David Didur, Diehl Road, North Jackson, $80,000.

Ilene Miller to Eric D. Johnston, Nantucket Drive, Austintown, $60,000.

Sakara West LLC to TAG Resources LLC, Princess St., Campbell, $26,500.

Jarid W. Lester et al to Jody L. Stout, Berlin Station Road, Canfield, $200,000.

Rocco J. Schiavello et al to Jeffrey T. Johnston et al, Sturbridge Place, Poland, $260,000.

George Kashimer to Tara D. Smith, Crestline Place, Boardman, $73,900.

Paperbark Properties LLC to David D. Couchenour et al, Fairview Ave., Canfield, $96,000.

PCJ Real Estate LLC to Tyrone Anthony, N. Main St., Youngstown, $48,000.

Anne Nackino to Ruth M. Grombacher, Oran Drive, Youngstown, $70,000.

David M. Neill et al to Shannon D. Soles, Ewing Road, Boardman, $89,000.

Alyssa L. Gwirtz to Christopher P. Stanley et al, Edwards Ave., Canfield, $83,475.

Lora J. Cooper to Charles Covell, N. Edgehill Ave., Austintown, $45,000.

Marjorie S. Comstock to Ellen A. Blair, College Lane, Poland, $340,000.

Dennis J. Voytko et al to Steven Wetherill et al, New Road, North Jackson, $320,000.

Richard Spaters et al to Chiali Lichter, Southern Blvd., Youngstown, $50,000.

The John and Mary Toth Family Trust to Theresa R. Sheridan, Whisper Lane, Lake Milton, $400,000.

Rust Belt Rentals LLC to AVNJ Inc., Wolosyn Circle, Poland, $430,000.

Thomas J. Zarraugh Debra Eldas et al, S. Bonair Ave., Youngstown, $25,000.

John G. Tatarka et al to Jonathan P. Miller et al, W. Webb Road, Austintown, $149,900.

Brent A. Smith et al to Michael R. Clejniczak, Bedell Road, Berlin Center, $260,000.

Jonathan B. Thoens et al to Joshua C. Colton et al, Withers Drive, Boardman, $115,000.

Golden Investment LP to Tyrell Oliver, W. Myrtle Ave., Youngstown, $4,000.

Youngstown Ohio Hospital Co. LLC to MPT of Youngstown-Steward LLC, multiple address, $859,544.

Youngstown Ohio Physician Services Co. LLC to MPT of Youngstown-Steward LLC, multiple addresses, $61,326.

Youngstown Ohio PSC LLC to MPT of Youngstown-Steward LLC, multiple addresses, $133,722.

Anthony M. Pantaleo Jr. et al to Corey J. Lower, Russell Ave., Poland, $86,000.

Jason M. Spain to John W. Stephens et al, Boulder Creek Road, Austintown, $227,000.

Gordon E. Desch to Matthew Sadosky, S. Beverly Ave., Austintown, $77,000.

Larry Cooper to Ketty M. Borja, E. Auburndale Ave., Youngstown, $6,500.

Greenheart Co. to Thomas J. Bresko et al, E. Western Reserve Road #59, Poland, $259,650.

William T. Thorne et al to Dennis J. Voytko et al, Black Oak Lane, Austintown, $114,500.

Marcia L. Magill to Leslie A. Best, Eureka Road, Columbiana, $155,000.

Douglas P. Bush et al to Donald M. Palmer, Bristlewood Drive, Boardman, $188,000.

Neal J. Kopp et al to Anna Manning, Wilcox Road, Austintown, $146,000.

Carol J. Vaughn to Frank J. Catello, Elmwood Ave., Youngstown, $54,000.

Elizabeth Celio to Nicholas Celio, Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown, $16,200.


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