ENGLISH FESTIVAL Award recipients

Listed below are the top three recipients of each award in Trumbull, Columbiana and Mahoning counties in the recent English Festival that took place at Youngstown State University.


NSTP: The Mahoning Valley Distributing Agency Not-So-Trivial Pursuit Contest.

Salvner Music: Jeremy Salvner Memorial Music Award.

Festival Art: Festival Art contest.

Limericks: A team poetry contest.

Writing Games: A team contest themed around the book selections.

Journalism: A writing contest based off daily interviews.

Impromptu: The Williamson Fund Impromptu Writing Contest.

Candace Gay: The Candace Gay Memorial Essay Contest.


Mathews High School: Alyssa Scarnecchia, Limericks, second place; Jackson Iceman, Limericks, third place; Seth Arkwright, NSTP, second place; Isaiah Harley, NSTP, second place; and Salvner Music, third place; Gabrielle Shimko, NSTP, third place; Rachael Thomas, NSTP, third place.

Liberty High School: Ahmad Amireh, Limericks, second place; Abdel Yusuf, Limericks, second place; Andrew Baumeier, NSTP, third place; Kennedy Harris, NSTP, third place; Makenzie Nasci, Writing Games, first place; Breanne McCain, Limericks, first place.

W.S. Guy Middle School: Nysa Gilchrist, NSTP, second place; Matthew Fabian, NSTP, first place; Madyson Bartlett, Writing Games, third place.

Lordstown Jr./Sr. High School: Natalia Kresic, Journalism, first place; Makayla Neiswanger, NSTP, second place.

John F. Kennedy Jr. High School: Grace Fee, Limericks, third place; Liam Wilson, NSTP, third place.

Mineral Ridge High School: Lauren DeProfio, NSTP, second place; Caleb Reese, NSTP, third place.

Lakeview High School: Grace Nicholas, Limericks, second place; Lyndsey Saxton, Limericks, third place; Elizabeth Smith, NSTP, first place.

Lakeview Middle School: Samuel Volpon, Limericks, first place.

Warren G. Harding High School: Tera Stewart, Limericks, first place; Waylon Jennings, NSTP, second place.

St. Rose School, Girard: Keila Cortes, NSTP, first place; Colleen Rowland, NSTP, first place, and Writing Games, second place.

Jefferson K-8 School: Taylor Stane, NSTP, second place.

Brookfield Middle School: Grace Schultz, NSTP, third place.

Hubbard Middle School: Whitney Hendrix, NSTP, third place; Emily Beasley, Writing Games, third place.

Maplewood High School: Grace Johnson, Candace Gay, second place; Blaine Dahmen, Candace Gay, third place; Trish Stull, Impromptu, third place; Kala Prox, Limericks, third place; Mallory Holmes, Limericks, first place; Grace Watkins, Limericks, second place; Ryan Bedlion, NSTP, third place; Megan Bockelman, NSTP, second place; Eva Sparks, Salvner Music, second place; Emily Kohlmorgan, Writing Games, second place.

Maplewood Middle School: Kala Prox, Limericks, third place.

Niles McKinley High School: Kaitlyn Huff, Festival Art, first place; Rea Gaugler, Festival Art, second place; Andrea Cruz Limericks, third place; Emily Swift, NSTP, third place; Vada Flannery, Writing Games, third place.

Niles Middle School: Ariana DeLuca, Impromptu, third place; David Amsden-Michel, NSTP, first place.

Howland High School: Giavanna Mezzapeso, Limericks, second place; Moira Armstrong, Journalism, first place; Tasia Ratkovich, Limericks, third place; Abigail Hughes, NSTP, second place; Taylor Hopkins, NSTP, first place; Sydney Shobel, NSTP awards, first place.

Howland Middle School: Christian Darrin, NSTP, first place; Amanda McCauley, Limericks, first place; Panayiotis Glaros, Limericks, second place; Stephanie Plesich, NSTP, first place.

Bristol High School: Cassandra Burba, Limericks, second place; Veronica Erjavec, Limericks, second place.

Bristol Middle School: Ariel Kimack, Writing Games, second place.

Girard Jr./Sr. High School: Alivia Serrano, Limericks, first place: Samantha Duris, Writing Games, third place.

McDonald High School: Katie Merdich, Limericks, third place; Alyssa Lynch, Limericks, first place; Bri Callow, NSTP, third place; Nicholas Helen, NSTP, second place.

Newton Falls Jr. High School: Corbin Flynn, Limericks, first place.

LaBrae High School: Destiny Goldner, Limericks, third place; Colin Price, NSTP, first place; Diamond Hineman, NSTP, third place; Cayle Fusselman, NSTP, first place; Bridgett Bucci, NSTP, second place; Gabriel Cofield, NSTP, third place.


Lowellville High School: Jacob Wetherill, Limericks, second place; Max Jones, Limericks, third place; Nathanel Warren, Limericks, third place; Marissa Rivera, NSTP, second place; Lex Watson, NSTP, second place; Nathan Williams, NSTP, first place; Zachary Schoak, NSTP, second place.

St. Nicholas School: Christian Jones, Limericks, first place; Michael DiVencenzo, NSTP, first place; Briana Zelanka, NSTP, second place; Tiara Carter, NSTP, third place.

Austintown Fitch High School: Alex Kidd, Limericks, first place; Breanna Duley, NSTP, third place.

Austintown Middle School: India Gatts, Limericks, second place; Jocelyn Selby, Limericks, third place; Carly Land, NSTP, second place.

Chaney VPA/STEM High School: Victor Tenorio, Limericks, first place.

Mahoning County Career and Technical Center: Ashley McKelvey, Limericks, first place; Kayla Ratliff, Writing Games, third place.

Valley Christian Schools, Lewis Center: Hannah Kelly, Candace Gay, second place, and Impromptu, third place; Luke Martinucci, NSTP, third place; Natalie Roagers, Limericks, first place; Chasie Vogt, Limericks, first place; Rich Blair, NSTP, first place; Vito Colella, Writing Games, third place.

Boardman High School: Sophia McGee, Candace Gay, first place; Siena Larrick, Candace Gay, third place; Sydney Jones, Writing Games, second place; Rachel Valko, Limericks, first place; Rita Sulebi, Limericks, second place; Sydney Moon, NSTP, second place; Eliana DeMichael, Writing Games, first place; Sarah Moon, Writing Games, first place.

Boardman Glenwood Junior High School: Madelyn Moran, Limericks, third place; Gillian Canacci, NSTP, second place, and Writing Games, first place; Makenna Glaser, NSTP, second place.

Poland Middle School: Jackie Grisdale, Limericks, first place; Ethan McKenzie, Limericks, first place; Jack Brant, Limericks, third place; Ellen Ethridge, NSTP, first place.

Poland Seminary High School: Margaret Faur, NSTP, first place; Mum Masaki, Limericks, second place; Erika Pallante, NSTP, second place.

St. Charles School, Boardman: Olivia Carfolo, Limericks, first place; Natalie Kovacs, Limericks, second place; Samantha Smit, Limericks, third place; Gia Francisco, Writing Games, first place.

Rayen Early College Middle School: Brianna Figueroa, Limericks, third place; Maciah Holmes, NSTP, first place.

Cardinal Mooney High School: Katrina Reed, NSTP, second place; Shannon Reardon, Limericks, first place; Grade Haddad, Limericks, second place.

Canfield High School: Marissa Cashbaugh, Impromptu, second place; Callia Barwick, Limericks, third place; Melissa Dahman, Limericks, second place; Madison Ritter, NSTP, first place; Joanna Klika, NSTP, third place; Theresa Wasylychyn, NSTP, first place; Amanda Bianco, NSTP, second place; Lexi Grdic, NSTP, third place; Haley Tura, Salvner Music, third place.

Canfield Village Middle School: Kate Kadilak, Limericks, first place; Eileen McHale, Limericks, first place; Delaney Pallo, NSTP, first place; Chloe Hudock, NSTP, second place.

Holy Family School, Poland: Annie Daprile, Limericks, first place; Karlie Brestelli, Limericks, second place; Augusta Fox, Limericks, second place; Thomas Fire, Limericks, third place; Colin McDonald, NSTP, third place.

Springfield Intermediate School: Judy Landsberger, Journalism, third place; Kendra McCusker, Limericks, second place.

Springfield Local High School: Brianna Phillips, Journalism, first place; Garret Stallsmith, Limericks, second place; Megan Deskin, Limericks, first place, and Writing Games, third place; Mackenzie Gleghorn, Limericks, first place; Sean Thompson, NSTP, first place; Taylor Barber, NSTP, first place.

Struthers Middle School: Grace Persing, Journalism, second place; Keaton Kimble, Limericks, third place; Vincent Macciomei, NSTP, second place.

Struthers High School: Aleea Morrison, Journalism, second place: Audre McDowell, Limericks, third place.

Jackson-Milton Middle School: Katie Mitchell, Journalism, third place; Gianna Arquilla, Writing Games, second place.

Jackson-Milton High School: Brooklyn Gallant, Limericks, second place; Jessica Lanham, Limericks, second place.

Ursuline High School: Gabrielle Augustin, Writing Games, second place.

Montessori School: Nathan Phillips, NSTP, first place.

Youngstown Early College: Yalisa Bermudez, NSTP, first place; Brian Finley, Writing Games, second place.

St. Christine School: Maddie Hammond, Limericks, first place; Daniel McClelland, Limericks, first place; Robbie Musser, Limericks, third place; Samantha Holden, NTSP, third place; Stephanie Schlosser, Writing Games, third place,

Mahoning Valley STEM Academy: Cassandra Arcenio, Limericks, third place.

South Range Middle School: Addie Flowers, Journalism, second place; Katie Nichols, Journalism, second place; Alexis Angus, Limericks, third place; Josh Marino, NSTP, first place; Nataley Kemmer, NSTP, second place.

South Range High School: Solomon Weiss, Limericks, second place; Alexis Lovitz, NSTP, first place.

Discovery Program at Kirkmere: Niyah Hicks, NSTP, first place.

Western Reserve High School: Raeghan Hilton, Limericks, second place; Abby Susak, Limericks, third place; Sara Sudano, NSTP, second place; John James Martin, Salvner Music, first place; Wyatt Baird, Writing Games, second place.

Western Reserve Middle School: Reese Snyder, Limericks, second place; Sami Jarvis, Limericks, third place; Chris Cubick, NSTP, first place; Sabra Nicopolis, NSTP, first place; Maddie Wills, NSTP, first place; Austin Nabb, Writing Games, second place.

West Branch Middle School: Gloriana Maendel, Limericks, first place; Ryley Pittman, Limericks, third place; Eris Dugan, NSTP, second place; Macey Stancato, NSTP, second place.

West Branch High School: Savanna Triplett, Limericks, first place; Mackenzie Montgomery, Limericks, third place; Brianna Biery, NSTP, second place.

Campbell Memorial High School: Fancesca Coriano, Limericks, second place; Rita Marie Torres, Limericks, first place; Ariana Runyon, NSTP, second place.

Summit Academy: Preston Vance, Writing Games, first place;

Potential Development High School: Tyler Wolford, Writing Games, third place.


Beaver Local Middle School: Riley Britt, Journalism, third place; Elizabeth Kolkowski, Limericks, third place.

Columbiana High School: Maria Costanza, Limericks, first place; Hannah Newton, Limericks, first place; Madi Stimson, NSTP, second place; Ben Everly, NSTP, third place.

Columbiana Middle School: Dylan Fletcher, Limericks, second place.

East Liverpool High School: Makenzie Petrie, Limericks, first place; Gracie LaScola, NSTP, second place; Faith Vassar, NSTP, second place.

Salem Junior High School: Drake Harkleroad, Limericks, second place; Emily Manski, NSTP, first place.

Salem High School: Zack Tungate, Limericks, third place.

East Palestine High School: Amy Carson, Salvner Music, second place; Brianna Horvath, NSTP, second place.

Wellsville High School: Jacob Stewart, NSTP, second place.

Southeast Middle School: Robyn Balk, Journalism, second place; Joe Pennington, Limericks, first place.

South Side Middle School: Emilee Smith, NSTP, first place.

United Local Schools: Nicole Galbreath, Limericks, second place; Tamra Moore, Limericks, second place.

Southern Local Junior High School: Nick Wade, Limericks, first place.

Leetonia Village School: Sophia Encina, NSTP, first place; Joby Buffone, NSTP, first place.

Source: Angela Messenger, festival co-chairwoman

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