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Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.MCCTC Chef Sean Kushma wrote the names of the students by their pizza before the baked them for the Tot Chef program on April 27 at Market Street Elementary.


Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Boardman Food Service Director Natalie Winkle and MCCTC Chef Sean Kushma enjoyed pizzas they made with the students in the Tot Chef program at Market Street Elementary on April 27.


Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Students at Market Street Elementary chose their pizza toppings for the Tot Chef program on April 27.


Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Market Street Elementary students walked through the line adding toppings to their pizzas on April 27 for the Tot Chef program.


Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Students at Market Street Elementary waited in line to make their own pizzas during the Tot Chef program on April 27.


Students at Market Street Elementary School donned their chef hats after school as they prepared to make a healthy meal on April 27.

This is the second year that Natalie Winkle, Boardman Food Service Director, has hosted the Tot Chef program for elementary students in the Boardman schools. The program is designed to encourage students to try new foods in a fun way. The program filled up quickly with around 60 students applying, but only allowing room for 30.

The students shouted in unison “wash your hands and you have to have something green,” when Winkle asked them what her only two rules are. Before they started to build their pizzas, the students had to wash their hands.

“I would love to be able to do this again next year if I can get grant money again,” said Winkle.

MCCTC Chef Sean Kushma and another Market Street Elementary School lunch lady helped Winkle with the program and making sure everything ran smoothly. Before the students made their pizzas, they had to listen to what Kushma and Winkle’s instructions were.

The first step was for the students to choose what they wanted to use as pizza dough. Then they went down the line and put different toppings on their pizza, making sure to have at least one green item. Once the pizzas were assembled, the students gave them to Kushma to bake in the oven.

“I love making everything. I’m happy I’m in this,” said third-grader Kendalyn Wyant.

One of the favorite items the students have made was the breakfast burrito.

“My favorite part would be the breakfast burritos. Mine became a breakfast sandwich, I had so many ingredients I had two get two pieces of tortilla,” said third-grader Harold Miller.

Each class, every student gets a recipe of the item they are making that day. This gives the students the opportunity to make their creations at home and outside of the class. Many of the students now have learned to like things they used to never eat before and are willing to try new items.

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