Board votes to deny massage establishment application

Trustees say business failed to meet township regulations

By Justin Wier


The township board of trustees has denied Jean Derrico a license to operate a massage establishment at 5325 Seventy-Six Drive.

The board’s vote occurred during a special meeting Thursday morning.

The application for a massage establishment license had been the subject of a lawsuit filed March 1, with Derrico claiming the board did not respond to the application within the time frame required by law.

The trustees said Derrico did not meet the requirements for such a license because she failed to provide a copy of her lease or information on any individuals who would be performing massages.

The relevant statutes come from a July 2014 resolution approved by the board to regulate massage establishments.

The resolution allows the board to deny a license if an employee performing massages has violated section 503.42 of the Ohio Revised Code which regulates massage establishments. The resolution also permits the board to deny a license if an applicant fails to provide all information and documents required by the board.

Township Administrator Mike Dockry said the board requested a copy of Derrico’s lease and information on potential employees of Derrico’s massage parlor on Dec. 12 and the only response it received was a letter from the landlord disputing the board’s authority to request that information.

Atty. David Betras, who represents Derrico, said they will be appealing the decision.

Zoning Inspector Darren Crivelli said he may eventually revoke the non-conforming use exemption that allows proprietors to operate a massage establishment at 5325 Seventy-six Drive.

The policy requires the exempted land or buildings to be lawfully occupied. Crivelli said the property has previously been used for prostitution and to promote prostitution.

Detective Lt. Jeff Solic with the Austintown Police Department previously told The Vindicator that two Asian-style massage parlors have operated out of that location in the past.

One received a conviction for prostitution-related offenses, and the other is under indictment for prostitution-related offenses.

One of the infractions involved Miyong Kim who pleaded guilty to wearing prohibited clothing on Dec. 28. Kim is listed with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office as the agent for New Spa LLC, the company which Derrico owns and operates.

Prohibited clothing is unclean clothing, no clothing, transparent clothing, or clothing that otherwise reveals the sexual or genital areas of the masseur or masseuse.

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