Port authority director impressed with Auto Parkit facility in Los Angeles

Staff report

Los Angeles

Warren’s mayor and John Moliterno of the Western Reserve Port Authority were among the Mahoning Valley officials who attended Friday’s grand opening of an Auto Parkit automated parking structure.

Auto Parkit is a Los Angeles-based company operated by Warren native Christopher Alan. Alan is making plans to move his company to the former Packard Electric facilities in Warren or a backup Valley location.

“It’s an extremely, extremely impressive facility,” Moliterno said by telephone from Los Angeles, describing the structure for the Helms Bakery as being part of a complex of furniture companies, restaurants, shops and professional offices.

“I had a chance to go up inside the facility and watch it work. It’s fascinating how cars are moved up and down in an automated way,” Moliterno said. “You can simply be in your office half a block away, but you hit your fob, and as you walk over to the parking deck, your car will automatically move down and be ready for you when you arrive there.”

“It’s high-tech, but simple,” Moliterno said. “It’s not hard to see how these will be needed in major metropolitan areas all over the country and all over the world, anywhere where space is at a premium,” he said.

“This is a parking deck that puts 200-plus cars into it in a space that is only like 110 feet by 150 [feet]. You don’t need a lot of room to do these,” Moliterno said.

“He has 40 projects on the books for just Los Angeles,” Moliterno added.

The port authority has been a partner in securing funding to clean up the former Packard site on Dana Street.

In addition to Moliterno, Warren Mayor Doug Franklin attended the event, as well as downtown Warren businessman Mark Marvin and others.

Last month, Alan said Auto Parkit will be moving to either a former Packard plant and administration building on Dana Street Northeast or a Valley backup site, depending on how negotiations go with the current owner of the Packard site.

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