For the Week of Sunday, June 18, 2017

Published: Sun, June 18, 2017 @ 12:00 a.m.

Brenda L. Williams to Nancy C. Jarvis, Chattanooga Ave., Youngstown, $45,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to J & A Quality Homes Inc., Evans Ave., Youngstown, $40,009.

Doris W. Powers et al to Paul C. Paden Sr. et al, Village Court, Columbiana, $157,500.

Paul R. Burgeson to David J. Chandler, Brainard Drive, Boardman, $135,500.

Alexander T. Steeb et al to Robert J. Wasko, Spring Hill Trail, Poland, $335,000.

Cynthia A. Andrews to David K.P. English, Mercedes Place No. 1, Canfield, $135,000.

Youngstown Neighborhood Development to Sharon A. Augustine et al, Gregory Ave., Youngstown, $78,501.

Allison Strawn et al to Lional H. Hauger, Cedarwood Drive, Mineral Ridge, $125,000.

M & M Holding to QXSJ Holdings LLC, E. Main St., Canfield, $260,000.

Valerie L. Revere to Anthony Shade, Marmion Ave., Youngstown, $6,500.

John Zomaida et al to Katherine I. Parlidakey, Piccadilly St., Campbell, $20,000.

Mark V. Ramunno to Stephen P. Bendel Jr., Mathews Road, Boardman, $108,460.

Patrick A. Nerone to Thomas D. Watts et al, Renee Drive, Struthers, $50,000.

US Bank NA to George B. Brown, Haus Blvd., Canfield, $47,370.

EK Land Co. LLC to Lawrence J. Wolfe et al, Shadow Oak Drive, Austintown, $159,000.

EK Land Co. LLC to Lawrence J. Wolfe et al, Shadow Oak Drive, Austintown, $159,000.

EK Land Co. LLC to Lawrence J. Wolfe et al, Shadow Oak Drive, Austintown, $159,000.

EK Land Co. LLC to Lawrence J. Wolfe et al, Shadow Oak Drive, Austintown, $159,000.

Cynthia F. Sanders to Truman W. Greene Sr., Elliot Lane, Youngstown, $30,000.

Raymond D. Hoen et al to Neal J. Kopp et al, Kerrywood Drive, New Middletown, $140,000.

Robert J. Comstock III et al to Kyle Hoffsmith et al, N. Hillside Road, Canfield, $151,000.

Bonnie J. Tiache et al to Katina S. Smith, S. Duck Creek Road, Berlin Center, $135,000.

John J. Koza to Kaitlin M. Baker, St. Andrews Court No. 6, Canfield, $84,000.

Leonardo Matos Jr. to Gail C. Percich, Sylvia Lane, Youngstown, $49,500.

Martha A. Smith to William S. Shonce Sr. et al, Yolando Drive, Austintown, $99,900.

Larry A. Webster to James C. McCreery, Wychwood Lane, Youngstown, $10,000.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union to Richard Burrows et al, Baymar Drive, Youngstown, $33,500.

Gregory G. Heddaeus et al to Daniel Hindo et al, N. Lima, Poland, $260,000.

Kenneth A. Walters to Harold A. Boyer et al, Southward Drive, Austintown, $53,000.

Elizabeth H. Barbee to Heather J. Buckner et al, N. Haven, Columbiana, $220,000.

Nick Drahush to Kaitlyn R. Vitucci, E. Oakland Blvd., Struthers,$33,500.

Phillip Gentile et al to Carrie Evans et al, Shetland Lane, Poland, $102,300.

SJL Development LLC to Jena A. Moss, Aspen Drive, Austintown, $154,000.

Laurie L. Moryay-Kalima to Lee Eetherolf, W. Pine Lake Road, Salem, 139,000.

Lee Ann Wade to Andrew Scheiben, W. Texas Ave., Sebring, $76,000.

Brandon S. Goshorn et al to Scott Goshorn, Ellett Road, Beloit, $111,500.

David E. Misalko et al to Timothy A. Myers et al, Bonnell Drive, Boardman, $154,500.

C. Roy Family LLC to Captainis Cove LLC, Beach Lane, Lake Milton, $9,000.

Fish Lake Properties LLC to Lucille R. Rice, 15th St., Sebring, $3,000.

Randall H. Rutushin et al, Donelda L. Bennet, First St., Youngstown, $12,000.

The Ripple Revocable Trust to Olson Leasing LLC, NE River Road, Lake Milton, $579,000.

Chris R. Wilson et al to Thomas L. Ellison et al, Grant St., New Springfield, $10,000.

Kevin P. Hynes et al to Michael J. Jones et al, Clifton Drive, Boardman, $65,000.

KY Investment Properties LLC to David Ohl, Edgehill Ave., Austintown, $37,500.

KY Investment Properties LLC to David Ohl, Lot No. 87, Austintown, $37,500.

Michael D. Wade et al to Krista G. Antonucci et al, Ridgley Park, Youngstown, $305,000.

Richard A. Yuschak et al to Nicholas Cocca, Elmwood Ave. Austintown, $78,000.

Lori Kraynak to Christopher Huckstoll et al, S. Inglewood Ave., Austintown, $65,000.

Janet L. Gordon to Ashley D. Hopkins et al, S. Kimberly Ave., Austintown, $91,100.

Davine M. George to Judy L. Grant, Medford Ave. Youngstown, $41,000.

Lori A. Bullen to Rudolph G. Kogelnek et al, Amherst Ave., Boardman, $76,000.

Jason A. Makars to Jayson C. Barrington et al, Fairground Blvd., Canfield, $95,500.

Jayson C. Barrington et al to Justin A. Acri, Fairground Blvd., Canfield, $102,500.

Timothy Sharp et al to Jeffrey Meese et al, N. Roanoke Ave., Austintown, $40,000.

James D. Galch et al to Kimberly A. Reynolds, Brookfield Ave., Boardman, $95,000.

Melvin R. Bowen to Joann E. Kovacs, Wilcox Road Unit B, Austintown, $119,300.

Richard L. Coy et al to Steven A. Neubauer, Pearson Circle No. 3, Boardman, $74,500.

Anthony Burt et al to Mark Bugno et al, Mayflower Drive, Boardman, $184,000.

James C. Smith to Charles P. Talbott et al, Beard Road, New Springfield, $94,000.

Patsy A. Diana to Jordon Diana, Westwood Drive, Austintown, $94,500.

Lela R. Lemell to Randolf Ballard Sr., Inverness Ave., Youngstown, $21,000.

Crim Real Estate Investment Co. LTD to Jaswant Kave, Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, $245,039.

Blue Eagle Enterpeises Inc. to Timothy W. Brothers, High Meadow Drive, Canfield, $115,500.

Gilberto Aviles to Rafael A. Garcia, Jean St., Youngstown, $6,500.

Daniel R. Schmidt to Brent A. Hively et al, S. Johnson Road, Sebring, $58,000.

Lillian Galose to Matthew R. Novontny et al, Pebble Bench Court, Canfield, $335,000.

Randi A. Baun et al to Ryan C. Rhodes et al, W. Pine Lake Road, Salem, $50,000.

Dale L. Foor to Edward A. Fortenberry et al, Eiger St., Austintown, $85,000.

Golden Investment LP to Edward A. Fortenberry, Brookline Ave., Youngstown, $27,999.

The Huntington National Bank to Ann M. Testa, Redgate Lane, Austintown, $35,900.

Robert J. Hardy to Roy H. Weamer Jr., 6th St., Struthers, $52,000.

Samuel L. Judy to Thomas R. Truitt, Westminster Ave., Austintown, $52,800.

Mammas Kokkonos et al to Joseph Malactaris et al, 12th St., Campbell, $23,000.

IPOT LLC to Whitestone Investments LLP, E. Judson Ave., Youngstown, $18,500.

Susan RT LLC to James Patterson, Montgomery Lane Unit E-2, Canfield, $215,000.

Mary A. Burkey to Roy H. JOhn et al, Oakridge Drive, Boardman, $89,950.

Howard M. Gebhardt et al to The Amy L. Patsko Revocable Trust, Woodworth Road, New Springfield, $147,500.

AVNI Inc. to Wolosyn 12 LLC, Wolosyn Circle, Poland, $430,000.

Michael W. Ridzon to Desiree M. Ridzon et al, Woodworth Road, New Springfield, $63,000.

New Waterford Investments Inc. to Sukiman Holdings of Ohio Inc., Belmont Ave., Youngstown, $100,000.

Bradley J. Hannah to Jack A. Sedjo, Pine Trace St., Austintown, $96,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to James G. Petry, Connecticut Ave., Youngstown, $15,800.

Charlotte C. Garland to Kristan P. Santos, Hickory Lane, Austintown, $91,350.

Michael P. Coughlin et al to Carrie M. Coughlin, Messerly Road, Canfield, $90,000.

U.S. Bank of Trust NA to Michael Klein, Medord Ave., Youngstown, $23,100.

Eres C. McKee et al to Roy Basham et al, Oak Knoll Drive, Boardman, $140,000.


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