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Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Dobbins elementary students participated in business-related activities during the Junior Achievement program on May 11.


Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Dobbins Elementary students played games that helped them understand business and finance during the Junior Achievement program.


Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Students at Dobbins Elementary participated in the Junior Achievement program on May 11 and learned how to run a restaurant.


Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Students learned how to run a hot dog stand while playing a game during Junior Achievement day on May 11 at Dobbins Elementary.


Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Dobbins Elementary students listened to a local businesswoman during the Junior Achievement program on May 11.


Dobbins Elementary students learned the basics of business on May 11.

Volunteers with the Junior Achievement program taught third- and fourth-graders a lesson about entrepreneurship and running a business. The students engaged in several different activities focusing on different aspects of business and what an entrepreneur is. Junior Achievement has two models they follow to provide students information about different programs. There is a traditional way which includes a program once a week for five weeks and the other option is for the schools to dedicate one day to Junior Achievement to come in and explain all five sessions in one day.

The students learned about two programs, JA Our City and JA Our Region. JA Our Region is targeted to teach students about regional and state resources and supply chains and how they solve problems by weighing risks and potential rewards. JA Our City introduces students to the basics of financial literacy, the characteristics of cities and how people in businesses and cities manage their finances.

The lessons are all incorporated in with the Ohio State Standards and reinforce what the students are learning in the classroom. There are different programs that are designed to match the standards of students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Junior Achievement visits more than 10,000 students a year.

The volunteers who spoke at the JA in a Day program were people from local businesses that the students would be familiar with. One station students got in a group to create their own restaurant, another station the students learned about running a hot dog stand by playing a game and several other stations that brought out the business-side of the students.

Junior Achievement gives students in all grades experience they can use throughout their life and sometimes helps them find the career path they want to follow.

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