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Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Canfield High School National Honor Society inductees took the NHS Membership Pledge during the Induction Ceremony on April 27.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Canfield High School junior Amanda Petro was escorted by her parents, Jim and Erin Petro, to the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony on April 27.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Steve Hlaudy, Canfield High School physics teacher, was the guest speaker for the Canfield High School National Honor Society Induction Ceremony on April 27.


Canfield High School had its annual National Honor Society Induction Ceremony on April 27, during which 54 students were honored by the society.

Students inducted into the society included: Samuel Accordino, Ikra Anwar, Amanda Blanco, Robyn Bores, Nichole Breuer, Anthony Carano, McKenna Carey, Francesca Carney, Zoe Cavoulas, Carmel Cerimele, Timmy Cianciola, David Crawford, Cara DeChurch, Tyler Dobrindt, Connor Dye, Michael Factor, Allison Fisher, James Fitzgerald, Michael Hartman, Emily Hofsess, Raymond Hood, Nick Ieraci, Kathryn Jenkins, Emma Kadilak, Ethan Kalina, Paxton Karlock, Harmeet Kaur, Brandon King, Allison Leone, Sydney Lewis, Macey Malinky, Ian McGraw, Sarah Miller, Samantha Morris, Olivia Morrison, Elijah Mt. Castle, Gianna Pacella, Anthony Pacifico, Satyam Patel, Laura Pesko, Angelo Petracci, Amanda Petro, Jack Rafoth, Daria Sansoterra, Drew Scalzo, Herbert Schuler, Jonathan Scurich, Luke Seifert, Sereena Sethi, Beverly Sipp, Smaranda Solomon, Rajan Taneja, India Thakar and Haley Tura.

The student inductees were escorted by their parents into the auditorium and each student was introduced to an auditorium filled with fellow students, friends and family. They were greeted by Canfield Local Schools Superintendent Alex Geordan and building principal Michael Moldovan.

As the students were introduced, Canfield High School National Honor Society co-advisers Tim Wensel and Steve Pitts greeted each one and presented them with the National Honor Society gold medal, which was placed around their neck. Students then crossed the stage and signed the membership book.

Current senior members of the society spoke on the four Pillars of the National Honor Society. Alexis Page spoke on Character, Hamzah Hassan spoke on Leadership, Kate Hartshorn spoke on Service and Carson Markley spoke on Scholarship.

“Character is who you are when no one is around. When no one is around to judge, we are wonderful people. Sometimes, when people are around to judge, we can become not so wonderful,” Page told the inductees during her speech, after which she lit the candle for Character.

While speaking about leadership, Hassan told the students they need to seize their opportunities.

“Leaders are like tigers, ready to pounce on opportunities presented to them. Leaders do not demand respect, but you end up giving it to them anyway,” Hassan said, after which she lit the candle for Leadership.

Hartshorn told the students Service is not limited to volunteer hours.

“Service is not limited to volunteer hours or the service projects we stress over. It’s how you live every single day. It is understanding you are not the center of the universe,” Hartshorn before lighting the candle for Service.

In his speech about Scholarship, Markley told the students scholarship creates hardworking people.

“Education, in its very essence, makes the world go round. Effort is necessary for academic success. Scholarship creates hardworking people,” Markley said before lighting the candle for Scholarship.

Steve Hlaudy, Canfield High School physics teacher, was the guest speaker for the ceremony. Hlaudy spoke to the students on his theory of the four F’s, faith, family, friends and fun, and how everyone needs them all.

“Faith is the belief in a divinity entity. A belief that we are all part of something bigger. This belief gives us purpose in life. We are all a piece of something. We all need faith. Family is who you are and who you are going to become. You learn how to act and how not to act from your family. We all need a family,” Hlaudy said.

Hlaudy then moved onto friends and fun.

“You relationship with your friends is so very important. At times, you are closer to your friends than your own family. You share secrets with your friends and they know you better. We need those relationships in our lives. Fun is the human reset button. Stopping and having fun makes a world of difference. We all need fun in our lives. We all need faith, family, friends and fun. We need each other. You are nothing by yourself,” Hlaudy said.

Hlaudy then spoke directly to the NHS inductees.

“Congratulations. You are on this stage because of scholarship. You deserve heavy praise. Congrats for being here. You deserve it. I have a challenge for you. The Scholarship Pillar is about you. The other three Pillars are about others and can be lumped together. Your challenge is to find someone to help, which won’t directly benefit you. Put that on your ‘To Do’ list. Be selfless in serving others. There are two things you need to know. You need to know what help they need and you need to fill that need. You are already changing Canfield High School and if you all do this, you will change the world,” Hlaudy said

Pitts then addressed the audience.

“It is so rewarding to see these students excel and accomplish so much through hard work and dedication. I would also like to give the parents, grandparents, teachers, staff and all those involved in these students’ lives who helped them achieve this accomplishment,” Pitts said.

Pitts then awarded the Leadership and Service Award to senior Kate Hartshorn.

“Leadership and service come naturally to Kate. She is one of the first to volunteer with a smile. She has completed multiple service projects. I have seen her grow from a quiet sophomore to a great leader,” Pitts said.

The new inductees were then led in the National Honor Society Pledge for Membership, after which they received a standing ovation from their parents, grandparents, friends, classmates and teachers.

After the ceremony, inductees and guests enjoyed a reception in the cafeteria which included cookies, fresh fruit, pastries, punch and coffee.

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