Recent columns show de Souza’s detachment

Recent columns show de Souza’s detachment

In his column on June 11, 2017, titled “Why did Trump pinpoint Y’town?”, Bertram de Souza stated that the third shift at the Lords- town assembly complex was eliminated because demand for small cars has been very weak as consumers switched to utility vehicles and trucks.

Having made that statement, why did he not question the creation of the third shift in the first place? Perhaps he should have questioned the judgment of GM executives who failed to properly anticipate public demand for their product. If you have too much product, it is next to impossible to create a market where there is none.

Then, de Souza, in his article of July 23, 2017, titled “Trump owns the job losses” misses the mark on more than one level. In this column, he uses these words: “The easily impressed blue collar region.”

Sure, we may like shiny things, but it appears he has little respect for hard-working people.

He also mentioned the bailout of General Motors and Chrysler. This should have been a clue that the management of these two companies were not in tune with the desires of the buying public.

Finally, Bertram’s use of the adjective “jingoistic” speech tells me that he prefers to use big words to impress his readers rather than logical content. It is just another way that he reveals his detachment from ordinary people.

Charles Walton, Canfield

Buy America policies make sense for Valley

During the 1920s, our region was second only to Pittsburgh in quantity of steel production. We’ve seen good times and hard times, but we’ve always persevered. The Youngstown-Warren area has seen recent economic revitalization, and we at the Columbiana Area Chamber believe the proposed Buy America policies will continue our progress.

Buy America policy is simple: Our tax dollars are spent on public projects in our own communities, not being sent to another country. Our businesses provide quality goods here at home and our government should be purchasing them, as well as encouraging private businesses to do the same. These policies encourage homegrown economic activity.

The Chinese steel industry holds approximately 50 percent of the entire market, a 40 percent jump in 15 years. This didn’t just happen overnight. Cheap lines of credit, preferential tax treatment, an artificially cheap currency and sometimes direct subsidies from the Chinese government have created the rampant steel industry that now exists. Due to these factors, China “dumps” its steel into America at costs far cheaper than American companies can even produce. Eventually it gets to be too much, and our neighbors have to close their company doors for good.

Our government needs to make trade enforcement a top priority to ensure that hardworking Americans are no longer victimized by predatory, mercantilist governments like China. We were pleased to see the Department of Commerce take this issue seriously with its investigation into Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, which is reviewing whether imports of steel and aluminum are negatively impacting U.S. economic and national security. We here in Youngstown are certainly seeing this effect, and we hope the government does as well.

Investigations into trade policy, as well as policy goals such as Buy America, are fantastic steps being taken to ensure the strength of American industry. Not only is China dumping its steel into our country, but in turn, that means we’re dumping our money into China’s economy. Let’s stop playing by their rules and make our own.

David Deibel, Columbiana

David Deibel is president of Boardman Steel.

Sound off against parole for convicted Valley killer

Valley residents may recall June 3, 1979, the day the lives of the Poullas Family changed forever. Our cousin, Elaine Poullas, suffered a violent and senseless death at the hands of David Jacobs (A156579) and Charles Teague (A156577-SB2). Elaine was kidnaped, raped, robbed and murdered by these convicted killers.

It has been brought to our family’s attention that after 20 years, these men are once again eligible to receive a hearing to grant their release from prison.

Those of you who knew Elaine understand what a joy she was to be around. We were deprived of her life, and she was prevented from earning her college degree and career, marriage, children and the love and support of her family and friends.

I recently reviewed a book of the events surrounding Elaine’s untimely death created and updated by her mother, Mary Poullas, until she passed away in 2014. The first page is a handwritten letter from Mary requesting her book be put in our hands to continue the campaign to keep her daughter’s murderers incarcerated for the full term of their sentences, life.

After their last parole hearing in 1997, I specifically recall Aunt Mary telling us that she would probably not be around for the next parole hearing and asked us to continue our fight. In the past 20 years, Elaine and her heinous demise have far from been forgotten by our family and community. Our reality has once again surfaced as these men are once again eligible for freedom with their parole hearings scheduled this September.We are asking our community for their assistance in helping us convince the Ohio Parole Board to deny release of these inmates. Letters of concern and support can be mailed or submitted to this address/web address:

Parole Board, 770 W. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43222;

Their inmate numbers must be included with your letters or emails. Any correspondence received for inmates is retained in their permanent file for future review.

In closing, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your time and consideration in helping us keep these individuals in prison for their heinous and senseless actions.

Janet Kust and Carol Dolan, Campbell

Coaches should ensure all team members get to play

I am a Boy Scout in Troop 9022. I am working on my Communications Merit Badge. I want to talk about how all football players on a team should get played.

I feel coaches need to play all of the players during games so the coaches can see all the players’ potential, not just always the main group of key players being played.

Coaches need to realize putting all the players in the game will give the players more confidence which will make them develop better skills and become better players.

Finally, the most important reason is if the players do not get played, then the players will feel sad and left out, which will make them possibly quit the team or not play that sport ever again.

My hope is in the future all coaches need to realize that playing on a team is better than leaving them out of the game. Winning should not always be most important in sports.

Domenic Natale Nacarato, Canfield