Week of Sunday, February 26, 2017

Published: Sun, February 26, 2017 @ 12:00 a.m.

Carl R. Mort III et al to Shane D. Bradt et al, W. Michigan, Sebring, $19,000.

The Donald E. Reddinger Trust to Brett A. Kengor et al, Harvey St., Struthers, $41,245.

Karen King et al to Jeff S. Heckman, Neff Drive, Canfield, $82,500.

Diane M. Lefoer to Paul D. Matak et al, Ridgeview Ave., Austintown, $168,500.

Sandra Lozier to J & E Corp. Inc., Vestal Road, Youngstown, $8,800.

Victoria E. Calder et al to Brett M. Spears, Wampum Drive, Youngstown, $85,000.

Elizabeth Hawks to Rachel A. Badway et al, Brookpark Drive, Canfield, $197,000.

Traci M. Amatore to Bryan Granchre, Warwick Drive, Canfield, $95,000.

Clair R, Catterson et al to Julia Wilson, Clingan Road Unit 11B, Struthers, $189,400.

Alyscam LLC to Justin A. Pryor et al, Leffingwell Road, Canfield, $154,000.

Signal Holdings LLC to Jeffrey J. White, West Hill Drive, Canfield, $40,000.

Lerg Holdings LLC to Angelo Rosario et al, Wakefield Ave., Youngstown, $23,500.

Leopold LLC to Garrett May et al, Ohio Ave., Youngstown, $29,900.

Maryann Winkle et al to Erin M. Lowther, McCarty Drive, Canfield, $120,000.

Charles J. Melnick et al to Thomas G. Whitemen, Marmion Ave., Youngstown, $10,000.

John T. Caputo et al to Marc Saculla et al, Angiline Drive, Boardman, $145,000.

Richard J. Booth to Marta K. Bruner, Edenridge Drive, Boardman, $136,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. to Kate Bawn, Leffingwell Road, Canfield, $126,744.

Common Wealth Inc. to SCBoyz LLC, Boardman-Canfield Road Suite L2, Boardman, $252,000.

Richard Troiana to Joseph L. Spear et al, Homestead Drive, Youngstown, $69,500.

Kimberly D. Fisk to Troy Powell, Woodmere Drive, Austintown, $53,000.

William F. Booker et al v. David A. Maxwell et al, Fredericktown Lane, Columbiana, $222,000.

Robert J. Gzopur et al to Meagan Reynolds, 6th St., Campbell, $20,000.

Jennifer L. Krezeczowski to Skyline 115 LLC, Skyline Ave., Canfield, $122,330.

Joan M. Madej to Kelly M. Antil, Oak Drive, Poland, $217,000.

Theodora E. Neff to Michael Refe, S. East River Road, Newton Falls, $12,000.

PNC Bank National Association to Kegan L. Brady, Estates Circle, Youngstown, $36,990.

John Masco to Milan Belohlauck et al, Euclid St., Struthers, $6,000.

Natalia Guerrieri to John F. Heydle, Yolanda Drive, Austintown, $84,500.

Ernest L. Bodiford-El to David E. McClinsey et al, Maple Drive, Youngstown, $10,000.

Carolyn Lorent to David M. Fertal et al, S. East River Road, Milton Township, $52,500.

Jeanette S. Engle et al to Alexander T. Stab et al, Coronado Ave., Youngstown, $88,110.

US Bank National Association to NSRE Corp., Dartmouth Drive, Canfield, $118,125.

Joseph Wielbruda to Luis Hernandez, Goretti Ave., Campbell, $34,000.

Max Pearson-Fisher to Edward L. Boyce et al, S. Waterside Court, Columbiana, $154,200.

C.T.W. Development Corp. to Margaret L. Leonard, Westford Place Unit 7B, Canfield, $238,700.

Mark J. Edie et al to Kenneth A. Williamson, S. Johnson Road, Sebring, $36,000.

Jeffrey L. Votaw et al to Danielle E. Reggi, E. Ohio Ave., Sebring, $62,000.

Dean E. Grindley et al to Jeffrey L. Votaw et al, N. 12th St., Sebring, $25,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to SJA Investments LLC, Brookwood Road, Boardman, $15,000.

Angela N. Welsch to Dina M. Casciano, St. Andrews Court Unit 1, Canfield, $103,500.


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