Doctor digs deep to find the "door to awareness"

By Amanda Tonoli


From East High School student to family physician, Dr. David Davis promoted self-awareness Friday at East High School’s “A Tribute to Black Pioneer Doctors – The Door to Awareness” program.

Dr. Davis, a 1985 graduate of East, said he felt such a great honor to be able to come back to his alma mater to “be an example and a role model” for students.

“There’s something special within all of them,” Dr. Davis said. “I wanted to show them people can achieve anything they want to in life. ... Inside of the students at East there is a potential that lies in them to succeed in life.”

He explained that obstacles exist for everyone, but are really not obstacles at all – they are steppingstones.

“Growing up in a public school system surrounded by people who thought I couldn’t achieve my dream motivated me to do the best I could, and I accomplished my goal,” Dr. Davis said.

He said he hoped he served as an inspiration to students because they served as one to him,

“The kids were so welcoming and talkative,” Dr. Davis said. “Getting the feedback they gave me really inspired me to be better, and try to be more active within the community I came from.”

In addition to Dr. Davis’ lecture, East High School Principal Denise Vaclav-Danko said the event was dedicated to acknowledging the roles African Americans have played in development in general.

“We got to celebrate the vital role African Americans have made in the progress of America throughout history and our students were able to showcase that – I’m proud and privileged to be apart of it,” she said.

Vaclav-Danko said the month-long celebration is “barely enough time to cover so many important historical events,” but those at East will do their best to showcase students’ talents and highlight a large range of achievements.

“We are working to change perceptions [about East] and we’re changing it one day at a time,” she said. “Today was truly, truly, a wonderful celebration and there will be more.”

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