de Souza can still repent over his Trump references

De Souza can still repent over his Trump references

You can sense the venom dripping from Vindicator columnist Bertram de Souza’s lips when he constantly refers to President Trump as “Donald J. Trump, the billionaire New York real estate investor” as if it were a dishonorable occupation, but he never refers to former President Obama as Barack Obama, ex-Chicago pol, now multi-millionaire ex-President Obama. Both are disrespectful to the presidency.

De Souza must accept the fact that he totally misread his readership in the past election, but that it is never too late to repent and henceforth will refer to President Trump as “President Trump” and ex-President Obama as ‘‘ex-President Obama.”

I have no way of verifying, but I sincerely believe that some grocery store ads draw more readership to The Vindicator than its in-house columnist whose views are so biased.

Godfrey Anderson, Youngstown

Wilson was clairvoyant in shouting ‘You lie’ at Obama

RRegarding Bertram de Souza’s Jan. 29 column, Rep. Joe Wilson was wrong to exclaim “You lie” during former President Obama’s State not the Union speech several years ago. However, he was clairvoyant.

President Obama lied about Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservative groups, the Justice Department selling guns to the Mexican cartels and about keeping your doctor and insurance plan under Obamacare.

Ms. Clinton lied about Benghazi, her private server and emails. I guess Mr. de Souza is concerned about lying as long as it is not from a liberal Democrat. I should realize the Democrats lie to we the people only to protect us from the travails of life. That must be why all the inner cities are paradises.

Jim McCloskey, Boardman

Shame on Vindicator for printing pro-DeVos opinion

As a retired educa- tor, I am incensed that you would reprint an editorial from the Toledo Blade regarding President Donald Trump’s nominee for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos.

She has never attended a public school in her entire life nor have her children. To even think that she would have a clue as to the needs of public school students in this country is one of the biggest snake-oil selling jobs to be considered in the history of our country.

To even claim she has a clue as to what “moms and dads want” is a farce. She has nothing in common with the average parent in our cities and states, just as the average citizen has no clue as to the experience of living as a rich, privileged millionaire. To present her as such is practically criminal. Better yet, she should use her Amway fortunes to help the inner city schools and students. These attacks on education and educators need to stop.

Secondly, The Vindicator should write its own editorials under the heading “Our Voice.” Printing another’s editorial under that heading is unfair to this Valley.


Harold Wilson, Austintown

‘Infamy’ cartoon disgusting

The cartoon (“Day of Infamy”) on your editorial page of Jan. 22 was so disgusting that words cannot describe my feelings.

You should never again publish another cartoon from this cartoonist, and you should fire your employee who approved the publication of this piece of garbage.

To compare President Donald Trump’s inauguration to the deaths of so many of our military at Pearl Harbor is just absolutely inexcusable.

Michael Beaudis, Youngstown

US should end its unwise and immoral travel ban

Benjamin Franklin wrote in 1759: “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The front-page headline of the Jan. 30 Vindicator tells us “White House: Immigration order ‘small price’ for safety.” For an example of the “small price,” the second-page headline says “Trump’s travel ban sows chaos, outrage across America.”

The travel ban may be a legal action, but it is unwise and immoral. Too many innocent people are inconvenienced and damaged by this. Those who claim America is evil gain ammunition for recruiting. I sincerely hope the order is soon rescinded.

Sandra Chiles, Boardman

Trump’s order on travel is no way to fight terror

In the course of what I do, I come in contact with hundreds of immigrants. These people are from different countries and are of different religions. They are citizens and permanent residents, Green Card holders. Last Monday, I heard a lot of concern and fear with respect to President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigrant travel. How can we expect these people to report something suspicious if they are afraid that their accent will bring them under suspicion.

The safety and well-being of our society depends on the participation of all of us: white, black, brown, immigrants, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and other religions, Clinton supporters, Trump supporters – all of us.

The goal of a terrorist is to spread fear. We can’t fight terrorism with fear. In fact it will make things worse. Fear is the real enemy, it begets anger and hate. All of us need to love and respect the humanity within each other.

That doesn’t mean we have to agree. It also doesn’t mean we should tolerate violence and wrongdoing. What it does mean is that we can solve our problems with common sense and compassion.

Edward Alleman, New Castle, Pa.

Scott Pruitt brings hope for keeping politics out of EPA

Drs. Andrews and Walker in their Vindicator letter of Jan. 22 allege Scott Pruitt is unsuitable to head the Environmental Protection Agency because he’s somehow unscientific for suing the EPA. You see, the EPA is “science-based” and not subject to political influence, and, therefore, its findings and regulations should be assumed correct and go unchallenged. Really?

Pruitt sued the EPA as Oklahoma’s attorney general. It was his responsibility to advocate for Oklahoma in matters where he believed the federal government was infringing upon its rights as a state. He challenged the EPA based on his view that its regulations exceeded its regulatory authority as defined by statute. So I guess you could say Pruitt was guilty of faithfully performing his responsibilities to Oklahoma. I’m not sure how that’s anti-science. It would be nice to have more politicians who feel obligated to faithfully perform responsibilities.

Second, it’s extremely naive to believe the EPA and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are purely scientific organizations not subject to political influence. In 2008, candidate Barack Obama stated it was his intention to make coal-fired power plants uneconomical to operate. He acknowledged the price of electricity would rise significantly as a result. It’s reasonable to assume he appointed EPA administrators who worked to that end. The EPA’s subsequent actions were completely consistent with his goals. The “science” could be made to work.

As for the IPCC, it conducts no research. It was organized by politicians, It’s run by politicians. Its summaries are written by politicians. More than one IPCC official stated its real goal is to reorder the global economy to more equitably distribute wealth however defined by politicians. The climate and science are simply means to the end. You know. Whatever it takes.

The clearest evidence of the IPCC’s political motivation is the now infamous “Hockey Stick” graph reputed to show the earth warming at an unprecedented rate in recent years. It’s no longer referenced because it was such poor science. It did, however, fit the IPCC’s political narrative.

Bob Voytilla, Hubbard