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Youngstown Mayor-elect Jamael Tito Brown’s opponent raised more money than him

Monday, December 18, 2017

YOUNGSTOWN — As it was during the Democratic primary, Jamael Tito Brown’s mayoral opponent raised more money than him during the general election.

And just like he did in the primary, Brown won the general election despite the monetary difference.

The amounts raised by Brown and Sean McKinney, an independent candidate who lost by 201 votes, during the post-general-election period – Oct. 19 to Dec. 8 – are pretty close. McKinney received $23,042 in contributions compared with $21,120 for Brown.

But for the overall general election, it wasn’t close.

McKinney, a former city buildings and grounds commissioner running for public office for the first time, raised $113,737 toward the general election. That includes $38,300 in loans from his family members, primarily his parents.

In comparison, Brown, a former council president and 3rd Ward councilman, raised $71,910 in contributions toward the general election.

Brown beat McKinney in last month’s election. McKinney filed a court complaint Dec. 7 demanding a new election, saying there was widespread “election fraud with many irregularities.”

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