Canfield administrators take another crack at teaching


The road to a career in school administration often begins in the classroom, but how often do administrators return to teaching?

For Canfield schools, administrators had often been many years removed from the classroom. So, they picked up current teachers’ lesson plans or drew up their own to have a crack at teaching Tuesday.

Superintendent Alex Geordan took over Shelley Tancer’s second-grade class at Hilltop Elementary.

Geordan, whose career in education began in 1994 with student-teaching in second-grade at Warren City Schools, was focused on teaching a lesson in math that incorporated elements of other topics. The school system teaches Bridges, a math curriculum geared for preparing students for Common Core standardized testing.

“I hear a lot that it’s a difficult and rigorous program to initiate,” Geordan said.

Every time he gets tired of working in his office, Geordan said he goes out into the halls and interacts with students.

“It’s about talking to teachers, understanding and appreciating what we started this profession for,” Geordan said. “Engaging with kids again, I’m starting to appreciate more what our teachers are doing every day.”

This is the first time Canfield schools organized a collective return to a classroom in every school for its administrators.

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