Enough already with the generic holiday greetings

Enough already with the generic holiday greetings

I’m with Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, when he said “enough is enough.”

My enough has to do with “Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, etc.” These expressions are meaningless.

They could be for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July or Labor Day. It’s time we go against the establishment and bring back what our special days stand for:

Happy Thanksgiving

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year.

Alice Dyce, Austintown

NFL players have no right to protest while on the job

Several facts regard- ing the NFL players’ protests during our national anthem have not been broadcast much, if at all.

While NFL players do have the same freedom-of-speech rights as everyone else, they do not have the “right” to make political or social statements on the job. Anytime they are in an NFL stadium, they are on the job and therefore they’re supposed to be doing whatever their employer wants them to do, which is to prepare and play high-quality football. No one else in society would get away with making political and social statements while they’re at work, so why should this be tolerated from professional athletes?

Secondly, the NFL contract/rule book states that coaches and players are expected to stand at attention and show respect for America during the national anthem. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the team owners have pathetically caved to the players on this issue instead of standing up for what is right.

What is especially galling about pro athletes disrespecting our flag, anthem and country is that they, of all people, have benefited so richly from being Americans. They should be thanking God every day for blessing them with superior athletic ability and that they were lucky enough to be born an American.

Instead, they’re going to sit or kneel or stand while locking arms to show disrespect and total lack of appreciation for our nation because they think Americans of African descent are routinely abused and persecuted, which I believe is a bald-faced lie.

President Trump is right on this one, and I’m done with the NFL.

James Dunlop, Mineral Ridge

Consider both Bergdahl, judge American traitors

What a travesty of justice. With no explanation, a military judge lets Sgt. Bo Bergdahl walk away scot-free and his only punishment was a dishonorable discharge. The judge and Bergdahl are a disgrace to all the armed services and to us, the public.

He walks away from his post in Afghanistan “because he didn’t like what was going on.” Brothers-in-arms, his fellow comrades searched for him, not knowing if he was kidnapped or murdered. The result was the death of one soldier and others seriously wounded (one who testified is in a wheelchair and cannot speak). Then it was discovered he left on his own volition.

Did Bergdahl really think the Taliban would welcome this traitor with open arms and make him a hero for leaving the U.S. Army? Instead, they held him in a prison for five years (they have more sense than the judge). Then, President Obama traded a number of Taliban prisoners for one whining deserter. Every U.S. soldier and most Americans could figure out, from the start, that he was a traitor and deserter.

Of course, they’ll blame President Trump because he had the courage to speak out, what 99 percent of Americans feel. The media will pounce on him and say his comment was why that arrogant, despicable judge made such an insulting and stupid decision.

Now, Bergdahl wants financial compensation and the dishonorable discharge erased. Next, I suppose he’ll write a job-story book, followed by a TV movie.

If there’s any justice left, Bergdahl and that contemptible judge will go down in history as two traitors together.

Terry Gallagher, Youngstown

Critics of Trump’s mental health should be licensed

The people who are diagnosing President Donald Trump as being mentally unstable and calling for his impeachment might be more convincing if they produce their diplomas proving their knowledge for their claim.

It’s been said “the truth will set you free,” but those who spew falsehoods are held captive by their deceitful thinking.

When disappointments are allowed to weaken the human spirit, success continues to be a struggle.

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown