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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital

Brittany Littlejohn and Charles Pargo, Youngstown, boy, Aug. 28.

Nicoletti Lombardo and Charlie Browning, Bessemer, Pa., twins: boy, girl, Aug. 28.

Steven and Caliope Raseto, Campbell, girl, Aug. 28.

David and Megan Rankin, Youngstown, girl, Aug. 28.

Casper and Rachel Rach, Youngstown, boy, Aug. 28.

Jesse and Jaemi Stamm, Youngstown, girl, Aug. 28.

Jayson and Rebecca Frenger, Salem, girl, Aug. 28.

Sharonda Miller, Youngstown, boy, Aug. 28.

Hope Smith and Kyle Cushman, Hubbard, girl, Aug. 28.

Robert and Marylou Little, Salem, boy, Aug. 28.

Janneel Himons-Johnson, Youngstown, boy, Aug. 28.


Samuel and Amber Atkinson, Warren, girl, Aug. 28.

Ceasar and Danielle Aulizio, Warren, boy, Aug. 29.