St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital

Marc and Stephanie Barca, Hubbard, boy, Aug. 22.

Michael and Stephanie Bucci, Youngstown, boy, Aug. 22.

Jaime Cadle and Shane Barnes Jr., North Jackson, boy, Aug. 22.

Austria Wright and Rocco Robinson, Youngstown, boy, Aug. 22.

Amber Stewart and Robert Ward, Youngstown, girl, Aug. 22.

Consandre and Amanda Romain, Diamond, girl, Aug. 22.

Kristine Garling and Joe Green, Mineral Ridge, boy, Aug. 22.

Casey Dimick and Jared Hughes, Campbell, boy, Aug. 22.

Andrew and Leah Stauffer, Youngstown, girl, Aug. 22.

Amanda Riley and Eric Howard, Warren, girl, Aug. 22.


Imani Bennett, Warren, girl, Aug. 21.

Michael and Jennifer Colley, Cortland, boy, Aug. 21.

Jake and Shelby Henry, Warren, boy, Aug. 21.

Stephanie Moger and Tyrone Holland Jr., Diamond, boy, Aug. 21.

Andrea Molinatto and Thomas Harkelrode II, West Farmington, girl, Aug. 21.

Christopher and Ashley Wellington, Warren, girl, Aug. 21.

Chester and Kristina Miller, West Farmington, girl, Aug. 22.

Sonya Frantz and Jonathan Baritell, Niles, boy, Aug. 22.

Michael and Monique Buckner, Mineral Ridge, girl, Aug. 22.

Kurt and Aubrey Redmon, Vienna, boy, Aug. 22.

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