*-Won in a playoff

men 17 handicap

Paul Marovich, Rolling Hills Golf Course80-82-88—250

Jay Moore, Avalon at Squaw Creek82-79-91—252

Brian Cross, Tippecanoe Country Club85-83-87—255

Ryan Collins, Mahoning Country Club81-83-94—258

Andrew Smyczynski, Mill Creek Golf Course82-86-91—259

John Elias, Tippecanoe Country Club87-86-99—272

James Gorman, Reserve Run Golf Course93-80-99—272

Tim Weaver, Reserve Run Golf Course84-89-102—275

Scott Carpenter, Flying B Golf Course89-84-103—276

men 9-12 handicap

Mark Standohar*, Yankee Run Golf Course81-77-81—239

James LaPolla, Trumbull Country Club79-81-79—239

Matt May, The Links at Firestone Farms79-80-80—239

Paul Harris, Mahoning Country Club78-83-83—244

William Stanton, Reserve Run Golf Course82-81-82—245

Dante Spurio, Mill Creek Golf Course82-84-80—246

Peter Margiotta, Knoll Run Golf Course76-81-90—247

John Poultney, Tippecanoe Country Club83-81-84—248

Matt Diloreto, Mill Creek Golf Course79-80-91—250

Bradley Koch, Mill Creek Golf Course83-79-88—250

Mark Billy, Tippecanoe Country Club84-78-89—251

Ron Snyder, Lake Club 83-83-85—251

Phil Eubank, Mill Creek Golf Course83-85-83—251

William Heid, Mill Creek Golf Course83-82-87—252

Lawson Dripps, Tippecanoe Country Club84-83-85—252

John Lewis, Tamer Win Golf and Country Club81-82-90—253

Daniel Martin, Mill Creek Golf Course87-79-88—254

Daniel Diloreto, Lake Club 90-74-91—255

Jim Kinney87-82-87—256

Dylan Portolese, Salem Hills Golf Course88-78-91—257

Dominic Fabiilli, Kennsington Golf Club & Grille86-83-92—261

pete mollica men open division

Brandon Pluchinsky, Mill Creek Golf Course66-70-71—207

Jonah Karzmer, Lake Club 70-64-78—212

Scotty Jones, East Palestine Country Club68-72-73—213

Richard Marlowe, Tippecanoe Country Club75-69-74—218

Joshua Zarlenga, Youngstown Country Club72-73-73—218

Joe Dimuccio, Sylvan Heights72-74-73—219

Brian Newell, Oak Tree Country Club72-74-75—221

Ken Keller, Mill Creek Golf Course-South72-72-78—222

Trevor Jones, Yankee Run Golf Course72-74-77—223

Luke Janci, Valley Golf 79-71-75—225

Vince Goleno79-71-80—230

women 9 handicap

Toni Notaro, Salem Golf Club77-72-86—235

Joan Ash, Mill Creek Golf Course85-86-79—250

Abby Cook, Pine Lakes Golf Course84-81-90—255

women open-8 handicap

Katie Rogner, Yankee Run Golf Course79-75-74—228

Angela Molaskey, Knoll Run79-78-85—242

men 13-16 handicap

Hunter Todd, Mill Creek Golf Course85-79-85—249

John Rudolph, Bedford Trails Golf Course86-84-82—252

Raymond Duffett, Tippecanoe Country Club84-81-88—253

Corey Susany, Reserve Run Golf Course79-86-93—258

Josh Marsh, Pine Lakes Golf Course92-78-88—258

Gregory Zinni, Tippecanoe Country Club88-83-90—261

William Klim, Lake Club 86-86-89—261

Jeff Rust, The Links at Firestone Farms85-83-94—262

John Mayo, Tippecanoe Country Club86-86-91—263

Paul Parteleno, Parto’s Driving Range81-89-95—265

Michael Missik, Deer Creek Golf Course91-84-92—267

Bob Brown, Yankee Run Golf Course84-88-95—267

men 5-8 handicap

Vinny Gala, Old Dutch Golf Course78-79-73—230

Dylan Todd, Kennsington Golf Club & Grille76-79-82—237

Gary Goodrick, Pine Lakes Golf Course76-88-74—238

Don Ferko III, Tippecanoe Country Club75-86-78—239

Ryan Homer, Sharon Country Club80-82-77—239

Bob Venrose, Valley Golf Club79-81-80—240

Jordan Rogers, Mill Creek Golf Course80-80-81—241

Jonathan Sliwinski, Tamer Win Golf &CC75-87-79—241

Brian Myers, Lake Club78-82-82—242

Stephen Zubyk II, Pine Lakes Golf Course87-76-79—242

Ken Sympson, Mill Creek Golf Course78-83-82—243

Joe St. George, Mill Creek Golf Course80-85-78—243

Carl Ross, Avalon Lakes Golf Course81-80-88—249

Wendell Wagnon84-81-86—251

Seniors 60 10 handicap

Donald Ferko Jr., Salem Hills Golf Course75-80-77—232

Roderick Cook, Yankee Run Golf Course80-88-81—249

Rick Istnick, Salem Hills Golf Course81-82-88—251

Reid Lamport, Pine Lakes Golf Course81-84-87—252

Joe Bellino, Mill Creek Golf Course74-90-89—253

Joe Metzinger, Mill Creek Golf Course83-84-90—257

Bob Chenet, Avalon Lakes Golf Course84-86-87—257

Lennie Gessler, Vagabond82-86-92—260

John Banyots, Lakeside Golf Course79-87-100—266

seniors 60 open-9 handicap

Geno Bellatto, Lake Club 75-73-77—225

Frank Santisi, Kennsington Golf Club & Grille71-73-83—227

Robert Gintert, Riverview Golf Course71-74-83—228

Tim Porter, Tippecanoe Country Club75-77-81—233

Ed Seeco, Avalon Lakes Golf Course77-80-76—233

Glenn Milton, Avalon Inn and Resort78-76-82—236

Thomas Shuster, Riverview Golf Course74-81-83—238

Chuck Montgomery, Avalon Lakes Golf Course75-81-85—241

Skip Watt, Tippecanoe Country Club78-78-87—243

super seniors age 70

Bob Leonard, Mill Creek Golf Course-North72-70-72—214

George Kelly, Mill Creek Golf Course72-76-79—227

Bill Bucey, The Links at Firestone Farms78-77-84—239

Tom Syrianoudis, Old Dutch Golf Course76-79-84—239

Don Sicafuse, Vagabond78-80-82—240

Joe Karkafi, Mill Creek Golf Course81-78-81—240

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