Marriage licenses

Greyson Nolder, 32, of 5525 Mill Creek Blvd., Boardman, and Cynthia Ward, 32, of same.

Michael D. Patoray, 33, of 5133 South Ave., Boardman, and Chelsea K. Proverbs, 28, of 13305 Lisbon Road, Salem.

Scott Heffelfinger, 35, of 550 W. Regency Circle, Canfield, and Molly Parsons, 34, of same.

Timothy Hobbs, legal age, Youngstown, and Donna A. Clark, legal age, same.

David M. Haines, 46, of 18065 Hillcrest Drive, Lake Milton, and Marcy K. Vaughn, 53, of same.

Jonathon J. Mcrae, 34, of 7368 West Boulevard, Apt. 102, Boardman, and Leeann Hartill, 26, of same.

Justin M. Wheeland, 27, of 18293 Lillian Drive, Lake Milton, and Amanda Clark, 25, of same.

Jerry L. Hunt, 63, of 207 Boardman Blvd., Boardman, and Keri R. DeJulio, 61, of 5737 Watson Road, Hubbard.

Nathaniel R. Rusu, 22, of Canfield, and Toni Jo L. Topoleski, 24, of Canfield.

Andrew M. Pondillo, 39, of Youngstown, and Nicole E. Zarzycki, 28, of Youngstown.

William P. Allison Jr., 55, of 2512 Burbank Ave., Youngstown, and Dawn M. Colbert, 42, of same.

Daniel M. Gerke, 27, of 216 S. Edgehill Ave., Austintown, and Tiffany M. Douglas, 25, of same.

Myles N. Oakley, 31, of 2680 S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown, and Kristen R. Kurth, 32, of same.

Phillip M. Gee, 22, of 7057 West Blvd. Apt. 178, Boardman, and Kasey L. Beever, 20, of same.

Val N. Pittman, 22, of 484 S. Raccoon Road Apt E34, Austintown, and Te’Arie N. Leano, 21, of same.

Rodney L. Michna, 31, of 321 E. Deer Place, Milwaukee, Wis., and Gina M. Lubonovic, 32, of same.

Salah Ahmad Hamdan Almasandh, 23, of 446 Frank St., Sharon, and Megan M. Miller, 23, of same.

Pedro W. Salinas, 18, of 1315 Detroit Ave., Youngstown, and Waylynn T. Ward, 20, of same.

Divorces asked

Melissa F. Guthrie, of 6809 Market St., Youngstown, v. Kevin M. Guthrie, of 662 Beech Ave., Boardman.

Lindsay B. Ripple, of 2029 Sixteenth St., Cuyahoga Falls, v. Douglass R. Ripple, of 439 Brookfield Ave., Boardman.

Steven Kotis, of 50 Perry St., Struthers, v. Lisa Kotis, 1970 Weston Ave., Youngstown.

Troy Smith, of 9800 W. Calla Road, Salem, v. Tammy Smith, of 49386 State Route 14, East Palestine.

Victoria Weiss, of 3205 Meredith Lane, Youngstown, v. Kristopher J. Hayes, of 2707 Benson Ave, Marietta, GA.

Dissolutions asked

Jason J. Gaston, of 67 Green Bay Drive, Youngstown, and Kelsey B. Gaston, of 970 Albright McKay Road NE, Brookfield.

legal separations

Shannon C. Bowers, 4740 Firnley Ave., Boardman, v. Harry D. Bowers, of 3930 Cascade Drive, Youngstown.


Bankruptcies Chapter 7

Daniel A. O’Hara, 3440 Bentwillow Lane, Austintown.

Konstantinos A. Tsagaris, 551 Edward Lane, Campbell.

Christopher Santiago, 53 Garfield St., Struthers.

Michelle C. Ramirez, 525 Woodside Ave., Youngstown.

Danielle L. Reda, 3900 Claridge Drive, Austintown.

Michael A. Mock, 4227 Mill Trace Road, Youngstown.

Julia A. Thomas, 1630 Lansdowne Blvd., Youngstown.

Lonnie P. Gentry, P.O. Box 3645, Youngstown.

Linda M. Bankston, 2814 Vestal Road Apt. 7, Youngstown.

Jason S. Whaley, 436 W. Ohio Ave., Sebring.

Casey M. Gordon, 423 W. Walnut St., Lowellville.

Jill Harman, 107 Maplewood Drive, New Middletown.

Christopher Johnson, 201 Hilltop Blvd., Canfield.

Curtis N. Hairston Sr., 1953 Weston Ave., Youngstown.

Kaylee Jackintell, 376 Como St., Struthers.

Dana M. Paulin, 7496 Huntington Drive Unit 4, Boardman.

Edwin E. Marshall, 67 Clifton Drive, Youngstown.

Stephen G. Jenkins, 4105 New Road, Youngstown.

Patrick Stuckwish, 817 Kiwana Drive, Boardman.

Brandon F. Hingel, 3895 Indian Run Drive Unit 7, Canfield.

John R. Agnew, 825 N. 21st St., Sebring.

Michael T. Husak, 4035 Bob-o-Link Drive, Youngstown.

Brian P. MCGivern, 8161 Burgess Lake Drive, Youngstown.

Bruce E. Titus, 32 N. Four Mile Run Road, Austintown.

William E. Pingley, 224 Maplewood Ave., Struthers.

Lynn Fortunato, 38 S. Hartford Ave., Youngstown.

Rochelle Frazer, 552 W. Evergreen Ave., Youngstown.

Lisa G. Spence, 111 E. Warren Ave., Youngstown.

Nichalos N. Horn, 4484 Woodridge Drive, Austintown.

Lisa Pritchard, 902 Compass West Drive, Youngstown.

Viola M. Lipp, 12916 S. State Line Road, Petersburg.

Geraldine Caldwell, 3914 Ayrshire Drive, Austintown.

Jeffrey D. Layton, 557 A Wilcox Road, Austintown.

William A. Morvay, 4519 New Hampshire No. 10, Austintown.

Christina Addison, Loma Vista Drive, Youngstown.

Philomena M. Adams, 17860 Courtney Road, Beloit.

Mary L. Sass, 97 Notre Dame Drive, Campbell.

Rebecca L. Campbell, 7376 Salinas Trail, Boardman.

Beverly A. Pariza, 4026 Stratford Road, Boardman.

Aaron T. Oakes, 1608 Market St. Unit 2, Youngstown.

Gregory A. Long, Kirk Road, Austintown.

Brandon J. Loveland, North Roanoke Avenue, Youngstown.

Katie L. Mraulak, 18 Sandy Court Apt. 4, New Middletown.

Richard E. Dailey, 488 Garver Drive, Boardman.

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