Thursday, July 19, 2018
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$75K bonds set for 3 charged in meth-lab case

Published: 8/12/17 @ 12:08

By Joe Gorman


Bond was set at $75,000 each Friday for three people accused of running a methamphetamine lab on the West Side.

Arraigned in municipal court before Judge Elizabeth Kobly on first-degree felony charges of illegal possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs and possession of drugs were Glenn Lambert, 37; Nicole Lambert, 26; and Mark Cartwright, 36.

Assistant City Prosecutor Jeffrey Moliterno told Judge Kobly that the charge of illegal possession of chemicals is a first-degree felony because six children ranging in age from 2 to 11 were in the 1931 Manhattan Ave. house and that the chemicals for the lab were so unstable that they could have exploded.

The Lamberts, who are husband and wife, had a father-and-son legal team from Akron representing them, attorneys Lawrence and Tyler Whitney.

Cartwright did not have an attorney. Judge Kobly appointed one for him.

Lawrence Whitney asked for a 10 percent bond for his client, Glenn Lambert, saying one of the bottles connected to the meth lab was outside and another was hidden from view and in a secure place inside the home.

Judge Kobly, however, denied Whitney’s request.

“In a situation like this, when the whole neighborhood can blow up, I think a 10 percent bond is out of the question,” the judge said.

Moliterno said Nicole Lambert had a previous conviction on similar charges in 2013.

On Thursday, Rob Whitted of the Mahoning Valley Law Enforcement Task Force, which investigated the case and served a search warrant at the home Wednesday, said the people at the house who were operating the lab were not only making methamphetamine to sell, but also to use. He said that is common in a lot of methamphetamine cases.

All three of the defendants are from the Akron area. Cartwright said he came to Youngstown to stay away from the methamphetamine scene there.

“I came down here to get away from all that,” he said.

“So much for that idea,” Judge Kobly said.

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