Authorities have video of knife fight that killed Michael Krevas


Prosecutors and police won’t reveal the specifics of what they saw on a July 8 surveillance video of the knife fight that killed Michael Krevas in a parking lot near downtown.

But authorities are confirming that the fight between Krevas, 31, of Washington Street Northwest, and Arteum Brodeur, 24, of North Park Avenue, was captured on that video.

Police won’t say where the camera that caught the fight is located, but the parking lot next to Brodeur’s house where the fight occurred is also next to a large apartment building and across the street from the Warren YWCA and a funeral home.

In court documents filed in Brodeur’s case, Chris Becker, assistant county prosecutor, said prosecutors have turned over to Brodeur’s lawyers a DVD containing a video of the fight.

In another filing, Becker said prosecutors believe Brodeur stabbed Krevas to death in the parking lot, “then went back to his apartment and left the bloody knife, then fled and hid at 1937 Willard Ave. SE.”

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