With rapist on football team, YSU shows lack of integrity, leadership

With rapist on football team, YSU shows lack of integrity, leadership

In welcoming con- victed rapist Ma’lik Richmond to the Youngstown State University football team, Head Coach Bo Pelini, Athletic Director Ron Strollo, and President James Tressel have displayed an egregious failure of leadership and staggering lack of integrity.

It’s bad enough that admissions officials failed to screen him out, but handing him a jersey and all the trappings of athlete status is an insult to everyone associated with YSU.

We don’t care how “humble” Richmond is; a rapist is a rapist. I wonder how well his victim is doing with “putting it behind” her.

Richmond is now privy to equipment and accommodations paid for through tuition, fees, and state tax dollars.

Just as troubling is Pelini’s message to the team about what is acceptable. If a rape conviction and registration as a sex offender (Editor’s Note: Tier 1/low level) don’t keep an athlete out of the locker room, what will? What sort of men is Pelini building? What will he do if another athlete commits such an offense? How much must the community lose for him to win?

Richmond’s presence on this team disgraces everyone. In sanctioning it, YSU leaders grossly neglect their responsibilities to the university and the community. We will not tolerate a rapist on our team.

President Tressel must act or, failing that, the YSU Board of Trustees must act. I can’t speak for others – though I’ll bet I do – but I’m an embarrassed alum who is ashamed of my alma mater. As long as Richmond is permitted to call himself a Penguin, I will not be one.

I hope donors and boosters will join me and speak with their wallets.

Daniel J. Pompili, Youngstown

What’s wrong with using a few 10-letter words?

In his letter to the editor “Recent columns show de Souza’s detachment,” Charles Walton of Canfield offers Bertram de Souza’s use of the term “jingoistic” as proof of the use of big words showing de Souza suffers from detachment from ordinary people (whoever those might be).

The truth is, first of all, that if de Souza did not care about ordinary people, he would not point out the insanity of their support of Trump’s pie-in-the-sky promises. And secondly, even though math is not my favorite subject, I can count to 10, the number of letters in jingoistic, as well as the number of letters in detachment, apparently (also 10 letters) the writer’s word of the hour.

As a matter of record, in his tirade, Walton chose to use a few 10-letter words himself. Apparently, he objects only to 10-letter words the meaning of which he has had to look up.

As I always told my students, use the simplest word that does the job. Sometimes a 10-letter word is the only one for the job, in this case, jingoistic. The writer’s analysis leaves me wondering: What is a big word and who are ordinary people?

Lillian Reynolds Reeher, Grove City, Pa.

Boy Scouts owe Obama an apology over Trump

President Donald Trump spoke at the Boy Scout National Jamboree in West Virginia last month. He made the comment that President Barack Obama never spoke at a jamboree; this was followed by boos.

Trump encouraged this behavior, but this behavior is not Scout-like. One of the Scout laws is a Scout is courteous. Booing a former president is not courteous.

I’m an Eagle Scout and this is very personal to me. I don’t appreciate that Donald Trump has used the Boy Scouts to bring glory to himself, but I especially am unhappy with the Boy Scouts for allowing him to do so.

It is imperative that the Boy Scouts apologize to former President Obama.

Edward Alleman, New Castle, Pa.

Excellent point on racism

I can’t agree more with the letter published in The Vindicator by Shelia Triplett on the July 23 editorial page. She argued quite well that individual success offers no escape from racist treatment.

The last paragraph of her letter is a carbon copy of my own life and late siblings right here in Youngstown, except I did not make a six-figure salary. My salary was far less (smile).

Editor Todd Franko and a student who came along with him discussed this same issue in my home when I served on the Simeon Booker Committee in 2013.

Betty Greene Armstrong, Youngstown

Don’t count on lower taxes

If you were paying attention to what was learned about Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, then you should know that he was the head of the student-swindling Trump University, the founder of the Trump Foundation designed for tax evasion and the head honcho of the Trump Organization that has ripped off workers and contractors that he employed plus he had serial bankruptcies.

If you know all that, you can’t be surprised by the way he and his anti-American Cabinet have conducted themselves, and this is how they will behave until they leave or he’s thrown out of the White House.

Would you be surprised that Trump and his Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have come up with a tax-reform bill that will make the filthy rich even filthier by trillions of dollars. While doing this, they are destroying necessary programs and depriving millions of working-class and low-income families of health care.

While Trump has refused to disclose his tax returns as all other presidents and candidates have done, we all know or should know that Trump’s tax plan will serve him and his family. His plan also eliminates the estate tax entirely, allowing his billions to be inherited absolutely tax free.

As for the pledge to cut middle-class taxes, they have been unable to say whether taxation on the middle class will go up or down. Mnuchin told reporters, “I can’t make any guarantees”.

If the Trump plan does emerge, you may discover that your taxes have actually been raised, but with the latest polls if you’re a dedicated Trump voter then you don’t mind being swindled. Because you love watching a president who’se tried to swindle the elderly and take away health care for 24 million people; maybe he’ll start a war for you.

Bud McKelvey, Hermitage, Pa.

Do Niles leaders use traffic traps to ease fiscal crisis?

Ever wonder how the politicians of Niles plan to compensate for the financial losses almost bankrupting the city? Well, one way is to station not one but three Ohio Highway Patrol cruisers along Route 422 in the parking lot of the former Alberini’s restaurant two days before Memorial Day and double the fines.

Police know that the last week and first week of the month are good times to trap all those motorists who get Social Security, payroll and retirement checks.

I understand there were about 30 motorists pulled over in one day with many safety-belt violations of $101 fines each. Payment of these fines goes to Niles, not the state of Ohio. So the city reaps the benefits. Wow, talk about a racket.

I had a Niles policeman tell me “yea, the patrol has to make their quota for each day,” and laughed it off.

For the working person or low-income person barely getting by with all their bills and high cost of living, why would you double the fines?

I believe the seat-belt law should be repealed. It should be left up to the individual to choose to wear a seat belt or not. Fines should not be doubled or be so high. Don’t squeeze the poor people. There are other ways to gouge citizens to get tax money.

As for me, I will just learn to avoid Route 422.

Larry Beltz, Niles

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