For the Week of Sunday, April 16, 2017

Published: Sun, April 16, 2017 @ 12:00 a.m.

B & B Contractors and Developers and FFAP Limited, Salt Springs Road, Youngstown, $719,000.

Linda M. Leyko et al to Elizabeth A. Leyko, Sheridan Road, Youngstown, $69,000.

Renee G. Huffman to Chris Savich et al, N. Palmyra Road, Canfield, $100,000.

Mario Finocchi to Gregory J. Petherbridge, Southern Blvd., Youngstown, $38,000.

Irene H. Sharkey to Kelly D. Lampley, Rosewae Drive, Youngstown, $69,000.

Joseph M. Calcagnie et al to Robert M. Bowen, Euclid Blvd., Boardman, $94,000.

Dennis Orr et al to North Jackson DG LLC, Mahoning Ave., North Jackson, $178,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to New Phase Properties LLC, Matawan Drive, Campbell, $34,500.

Barbara J. Applegate to Daniel L. Guy, E. Vermont Ave., Sebring, $62,000.

William Mullen et al to Joseph Colletti, Market St., North Lima, $83,235.

William Mullen et al to Elias H. Douropoulas, Market St., North Lima, $145,750.

Henry Hassay Jr. et al to Henry C. Hassay, N. Lima Road, Poland, $105,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. National Association to Cynthia Calms et al, Dover Road, Youngstown, $30,604.

Joe Koch Realty LLC, Richard W. Malutic et al, Signature Drive, Austintown, $174,000.

Alan D. Wenger et al to Mark J. Taylor et al, E. Pine Lake Road, North Lima, $395,000.

Ronald G. Frease to Brandon T. Olmi et al, Creed St., Struthers, $29,000.

James C. McCoy to Robert Frazini, Pheasant Court, Boardman, $123,000.

Nancy Skopic to Miranda Tusinac, Tamarisk Trail, Poland, $129,900.

Melissa Mannarino to Michael R. Mehley, Price Road, Youngstown, $75,000.

Giovanna Frattaroli to Michael P. Zembower Jr., E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown, $7,500.

Danny L. Hile Jr. to George Traylor et al, Oakwood Ave., Youngstown, $20,000.

Robert W. Lazusky et al to Daniel P. Simerlink, Lyon Blvd., Poland, $107,000.

Lorna Pawlosky to Misty Properties LLC, Clifton Drive, Boardman, $50,000.

Crias Inc. to Mark Partika, Tangent St., Youngstown, $12,177.

Linda M. Pondillo to Rose A. Dobran, E. Beacon Drive, Austintown, $160,000.

David Regule et al to Stephanie L. Ellsworth, Indian Creek Drive, Poland, $172,000.

Thomas A. Orsini et al to Joseph M. Calcagni et al, Tyler Drive, Canfield, $173,000.

Diamond Back Golf Course LTD to Paul W. Cene et al, Leffingwell Road, Canfield, $786,319.

George Suzuki to Veerwaren Chayutint, Rush Blvd., Youngstown, $10,000.

Robert C. Hockenberry to Luis Villaplana et al, Russo Drive, Canfield, $330,000.

Donald L. Saltsman et al to Chris J. Schenk et al, Third St., Damascus, $30,000.

HSBC Bank USA NA to Mem David Saunders, Wilbur Ave., Youngstown, $15,500.

Estate of Barry R. Laire to Rodney S. Keffer, Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, $147,000.

Ann M. Costantini et al to Noreen Yazvak, Woodworth Road #1501, North Lima, $133,000.

Michael P. Shane to Gregory J. Ehrhart et al, Ward Ave., New Middletown, $87,000.

Gary D. Gohlke et al to Mitchell D. Thompson et al, Radcliffe Ave., Austintown, $104,000.

Michael T. Lugenbeal et al to Paul Kidder et al, Newton Falls Road and Creek Road, North Jackson.

Deborah Kotheimer to Edward M. Switzer, 6th St., Campbell, $20,000.

Paul M. Klacik et al to Mark G. Klacik, Innwood Drive, Austintown, $70,000.

George A. Cashbaugh Sr. et al to Linda M. Korp, Wingate Road, Poland, $80,000.

Brad P. Vaughn et al to Lindsay R. DeLisio, East Parkside Drive, Boardman, $191,500.

James L. Johnson to Kevin M. Gura, Eisenhower Drive, Unit #4, Boardman, $46,000.

Daniel A. Gonder to Scott McCuskey et al, Erie St., Youngstown, $25,000.

Ronald Whetson et al to Duane F. Collins, N. Turner Road, Austintown, $215,000.

Emily J. Frohman et al to Jason M. Vodhanel et al, S. Raccoon Road, Canfield, $193,000.

Christopher D. Plaisier to James Wolfe, W. Webb Road, Mineral Ridge, $149,000.

Mark E. Stewart et al to Robert E. Donaldson, Youngstown Salem Road, Canfield, $106,000.

Joann Naughton to The 4-T Group LTD, Fairground Blvd. Suite 104, Canfield, $51,000.

Dale Lundy to Kayla L. Lundy, Jeffrey Lane, New Middletown, $120,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP to SREM Holdings LLC, Maple Ave., Boardman, $77,000.

Leslie S. Moore to Revocable Living Trust, E. Regency Circle, Canfield, $146,000.

Thomas P. Graham et al to Erin L. Gottberg, Wilson St., Struthers, $64,000.

John D. Melville et al to Bradley W. Currie, Tree Line Trail, New Middletown, $153,000.

Brent D. Coakley et al to Jessica Crook, Calvary Court, Austintown, $196,325.

US Bank National Association to Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp., Volney Road, Youngstown, $10,101.

Vonda Kerr to Kirt M. Palagyi, W. Garfield Road, Columbiana, $161,000.

Kathryn Grims et al to Andrew M. Boehnen, Columbiana Road, Columbiana, $156,000.

Richard Rosen et al to Jessica L. Beach, Tudor Lane, Boardman, $47,500.

Rebecca Wolf to Kenneth W. Smith, Haus Blvd., Canfield, $275,000.

Kathleen T. Tarafas to Anthony F. Brine et al, Olde Winter Trail, Poland, $220,000.

John D. Harris Jr. et al to Andrea Wortell, Chestnut Lane, Boardman, $230,000.

Ronald N. Granato et al to Sandra K. Byers, Saybrook Blvd., Columbiana, $231,000.

YNDC to John J. Novicky, S. Wendover Circle, Youngstown, $64,000.

Taylor L. Cene to Thomas Orsini et al, Talsman Drive Unit A, Canfield, $155,000.

Augustine D. Gray to Erica A. Kotel, Yolanda Drive, Austintown, $105,000.

Steel Oak LLC to Robert T. Ensign et al, Rosemont Ave., Youngstown, $79,000.

Gary J. Shaffer et al to Larry P. Saxton et al, Woodworth Drive Unit 201, North Lima, $165,000.

Larry P. Tomerine to Geoffrey R. Schaeffer et al, Pricetown Road, Salem, $142,000.

Carl Germaine to Spiro Kleoudis, Ewing Road, Boardman, $46,250.

James W. Romick to Jeffrey E. Teeters et al, Shone Drive, Lake Milton, $65,000.

Louise M. Botsko to Jerome C. Vanditti Jr., Omar St., Struthers, $72,000.

Donald N. Edwards et al to Kevin R. Wallace, Burkey Road, Austintown, $71,500.

Cheryl L. Slagle to Joseph D. Williams, Tippecanoe Road, Canfield, $104,000.

David W. Vlasich Sr. et al to Benjamin Tadla, Coblentz Drive, Poland, $143,000.

Lisa Johnson et al to Ryon J. McGee, Devitt Ave., Campbell, $30,000.

Bryan Dahks to Frank H. Donnadio et al, Delaware Ave., Youngstown, $99,900.

Christina Wirtz et al to Anthony Mraz, Saint Andrews Drive Unit 1, Canfield, $92,000.

Aram Enterprises Inc. to James G. Fuese et al, Cedars Drive, Poland, $315,000.

Ferncliff Properties LLC to Jonathan J. Hawthorne et al, Ferncliff Ave., Youngstown, $60,000.

Dominic Pregi III to Michael A. Pasquale et al, Massachusetts Ave., Poland, $174,250.

Stephen H. Peshek et al to Jeffrey A. Peshek et al, Milcox Road Unit B, Austintown, $114,500.

James R. Svandrlik et al to Corey J. Svandrlik, W. Omar St., Struthers, $70,000.

Richard Lally et al to Patrick J. Lally, Louise Rita Court, Youngstown, $44,000.

Dibo Construction LLC to Eugenio J. Orta et al, Carrousel Woods Drive, New Middletown, $244,900.

Todd Gleydura et al to Bryan P. Danks et al, S. Timberidge Drive, Austintown, $184,000.

Wycli H. Band to Queen E. Scott et al, Clearmount, Youngstown, $7,000.

Linda A. Raubenstraw to Susan E. Harrison, Fernwood Ave., Youngstown, $5,000.

Sincere Enterprises LLC to Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance LLC, E. Marion Ave., Youngstown, $3,250.

Sincere Enterprises LLC to Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance LLC, Halls Heights Ave., Youngstown, $2,000.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance LLC to Sunrise Benefit 1 LLC, E. Marion Ave., Youngstown, $22,000.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance LLC to Sunrise Benefit 1 LLC, Halls Heights Ave., Youngstown, $22,000.

Glenn Harsanye et al to Bradley Soverns et al, Ohltown Road, Austintown, $123,000.

US Bank Trust NA to Ralph D. Pesuk et al, Mahoning Ave., Lake Milton, $75,000.

Rattan LLC to Horizon Land Holdings LLC, South Ave., Youngstown, $350,000.

Ashley Frohman to Fred J. Ghossain, E. Indianola Ave., Youngstown, $12,000.

Richard C. Goist to John Williams, Shaffer Road, North Jackson, $12,500.

Betty J. Olney to Patrick R. Gobep et al, Fairground Blvd., Canfield, $94,000.

Marion D. Justice et al to Carl E. Centofanti et al, Wildwood Drive, Boardman, $105,000.

Emch Spring Service Inc. to SVJB LTD, W. Myrtle Ave. and Kenmore Ave., Youngstown, $210,000.

V & J Brother Properties LLC to Whitestone Investments LLP, Pointview Ave., Youngstown, $14,000.

Bank of New York Mellon to Jennifer L. Chapman, Gladstone St., Youngstown, $5,500.

Jane E. Kepner to Andrew W. Zerkle et al, Michigan Ave. E., Sebring, $63,500.

Robert Davis et al to Michael J. Mulhall, Canfield Niles Road, Austintown, $10,000.

Home Savings Bank to Vince Butler et al, Burkey Road, Youngstown, $39,000.

Donald L. Freese et al to Tanner R. Aunet et al, Circle View, New Middletown, $90,000.

HCS Properties to Heartland Property Group LLC, E. Boston, Youngstown, $11,500.

Owens Capital No. 2 LLC to Ronald P. Hartman et al, Innwood Drive, Austintown, $147,500.

Mary L. Hutchison to GTBL Development Corp. LLC, Fairview Road, Youngstown, $28,000.

Edward A. Macabobby et al to Daniel W. Tatangelo et al, E. Western Reserve Road, Poland, $279,900.

Sally McIntire to Ramsey A. Samad, Erskine Ave., Boardman, $55,000.

WLG Residential Properties LLC to Jeremy S. Martin, S. Wendover Circle, Youngstown, $83,000.


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