Prosecutors release case facts against Seman


Mahoning County prosecutors today are releasing case facts that would have been used against Robert Seman, had his aggravated murder case gone to trial. But Seman instead killed himself Monday by jumping from the fourth floor county courthouse balcony.

Among items disclosed: Firefighters found two gas cans on Powers Way, the morning of the fire that killed Corinne Gump and her grandparents. A glove was nearby, with Seman’s DNA on it.

Samples were taken from the basement of the house, and gasoline residue was found behind the hot water tank.

At Seman’s house, gasoline was on clothing in the washer.

“When Seman was taken into custody, we found makeup on him,” assistant Prosecutor Dawn Cantalamessa said.

"We wanted to make sure it was known we had this type of evidence against Robert Seman."

Pictures were taken of Seman’s face after the makeup wore off, revealing burns. “As soon as we found burns on his face, we knew we were looking in the right direction.”

She added later: "This is the most cold calculated case we have seen in the time I have been here. "

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