Ogilvie returning to Mahoning Valley

Valley native returns

from Florida to take

job as United’s AD

By Brooke Meenachan



Former Boardman football coach D.J. Ogilvie is leaving Lemon Bay High School and Englewood, Fla., and returning to his roots.

No, he won’t be reuniting with the Spartans, but he is making his way back to northeast Ohio as the athletic director at United, where he coached and taught the Eagles for six years prior to taking the job at Boardman. Ogilvie wasn’t even aware of the position until it was brought to his attention.

“There were some people from United who contacted me and asked if I was interested. I was, but it was something I had to think long and hard about,” he said.

He and his wife Toni never thought they’d move back. They even let their Ohio teaching licenses expire.

So what exactly changed their minds?

“My wife and I always liked United,” he said. “We both taught there and the timing fits perfectly with our kids. My daughter is graduating and my son will be a freshman.

“It was an opportunity that presented itself that we couldn’t pass up.”

There’s just something about northeast Ohio that called him back.

“We’re excited to come back home,” Ogilvie said. “I missed the people. I missed Youngstown”

With every move comes the part of leaving things, people and memories behind.

Just like when Ogilvie left Boardman for Florida, he knew he was going to miss parts of his life in the Valley. The same goes for leaving the sunshine state and returning home.

“Heck, yeah I’m going to miss this place,” Ogilvie said. “I spent a lot of time at the beach. We live five miles from it. We’re definitely going to miss the weather and the ocean.”

But when it comes to northeast Ohio, there’s something Ogilvie says Florida can’t compare with.

“Here’s the difference between Florida and Ohio,” he said. “Most people in Florida are from somewhere else and don’t stay very long. But in Youngstown you have more sense of a community. Everyone in Youngstown is mostly from Youngstown.”

Lemon Bay finishes school on May 26. Shortly after, Ogilvie and his family will pack up and make the 1,132-mile trek to Hanoverton.

Ogilvie went 36-24 in six seasons at Lemon Bay. He led the Manta Rays to two playoff appearances and a district title for the first time in 12 years.

Ogilvie has been on the sidelines for roughly 25 years.

He says there have been talks about him coaching with the Eagles, but for right now, he plans to concentrate on his new position as the athletic director.

Ogilvie has never taken on an AD role before, but is looking forward to the opportunity.

“After I meet with all of the coaches I’ll have a better understanding of what I really want to accomplish,” he said. “For now, I just want to be a great leader. I’ve had a lot of athletic directors over the years. A lot. And I plan on taking good parts of each one of them and go from there.”

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