Sunday, May 20, 2018

Man's offer to cops: If I beat you thumb wrestling, you drop OVI charges against me

Published: 4/3/17 @ 03:05

YOUNGSTOWN — Reports said a man who was so drunk early Sunday morning he challenged police to thumb wrestle, with the proviso that if he won, impaired-driving charges against him would be dropped.

Police were called about 6 a.m. Sunday to East Indianola Avenue and Market Street on the South by an ambulance crew who were stuck behind a car at the red light with the motor running and the driver, Paul Perry Jr., 39, of Sherwood Avenue, asleep in the driver’s seat.

Reports said multiple efforts to wake Perry up were not successful, including once when a cruiser pulled up next to his car and ran the lights and siren. Eventually, a tow truck driver managed to get in the car and police woke Perry up, who smelled heavily of alcohol.

Reports said Perry has several open suspensions on his license and when he took a blood-alcohol content breath test his BAC registered at .236. In Ohio, a person is considered driving drunk if they have a BAC of .08.

Perry’s girlfriend came to pick him up and when she did, Perry challenged officer Seann Carfolo several times to the thumb-wrestling contest. Reports said, “Perry was advised officers would not thumb wrestle him.”

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