Flight 93 victims | Voice mails before the crash

Flight 93 victims | Voice mails before the crash

Passenger Linda Grandcolas, 38, of San Rafael, Calif., was on her way home from her grandmother’s funeral. She left this message for her husband Jack Grandcolas before the plane went down:

“Hi Jack, I just called to tell you that I love you. There’s a problem on the plane – I’m fine. ... I just want you to know that I love you more than anything. ... Please tell my family I love them, too.”

Grandcolas was two months pregnant with her first child.

Passenger Linda Gronlund, 48, of Greenwood Lake, N.Y., was on her way to a business meeting. She left this message for her sister Elsa Gronlund:

“Elsa, it’s Lin. I’m on United 93, and it’s been hijacked by terrorists who say they have a bomb. ... Mostly I just wanted to say, I love you and I’m going to miss you. I love you. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to say that again.”

Gronlund ended the message with her safe combination for her sister to access.

Flight attendant CeeCee Lyles, 33, of Fort Pierce, Fla., left this message for her husband Lorne Lyles before reaching him during a second call when they prayed together for the last time:

“Hi Baby, I’m – Baby, you have to listen to me carefully. I’m on a plane that’s been hijacked. ... I want to tell you, I love you. Please tell my children that I love them very much and I’m so sorry. ... There’s three guys – they hijacked the plane. I’m trying to be calm. We’re turned around, and I heard that there’s planes that’s been flown into the World Trade Center. I hope to see your face again. I love you. Goodbye.”

Source: Flight 93 National Memorial

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