Man says he does not remember pleading guilty

By Joe Gorman


Trivonne Scott says he cannot remember pleading guilty to a third-degree felony charge of retaliation, or waiving his extradition from Illinois, where he was found after skipping a January sentencing on the charge.

Judge R. Scott Krichbaum on Wednesday said he had doubts as to exactly what Scott doesn’t remember, so instead of sentencing him to prison, he ordered a competency evaluation for him.

Eventually Scott, 19, of Deavitt Avenue in Campbell, will be sentenced, either if he is found competent or if his competency is restored.

McLaughlin was accused of attacking his girlfriend after the two got in a fight and she called police.

Prosecutors said Scott pleaded guilty to the charge Oct. 28 and was to be sentenced Jan. 6. On the day of sentencing, however, Scott was nowhere to be found. He was picked up in Illinois a few weeks ago on a bench warrant from Mahoning County and brought back after extradition.

His lawyer, Rhys Cartwright-Jones, said he met with his client Tuesday and decided to ask for an evaluation because his client did not remember where he was at or who Jones was.

Scott said he did not remember waiving his extradition from Illinois or if there even was a hearing. He also said he had no idea about pleading guilty to anything.

“I don’t recall pleading guilty to any charges,” Scott said.

Judge Krichbaum said memory or not, not being around when your sentencing date comes up is not a good idea.

“You put yourself in a bad position regarding your sentence,” Judge Krichbaum said.

Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer McLaughlin said the original plea agreement called for her to stand silent when sentencing took place, but because Scott missed his sentencing date, she was asking that he go to prison because he violated the terms of the original plea agreement by not showing up.

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