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From a simple light lager to a fruit-flavored shandy, and from a full-bodied porter to an India pale ale, Brew 32 has 10 craft beers in its lineup, with plans calling for a total of 15 craft beers on tap in the coming months. Each craft beer is named after a sports star and is numbered to correspond with that particular athlete.

No. 6: Lightning Bolt Lager (4.2 percent ABV, 4.2 IBU): A light lager similar to traditional light beer perfect for those just getting started with a craft beer lifestyle. Named after Usain Bolt of Jamaica and his six Olympic gold medals.

No. 10: Shaun of the Shred (6.3 percent ABV, 10.2 IBU): A seasonal light wheat shandy with cranberry and ginger. A tart finish that is refreshing and crisp. Named after extreme sports star Shaun White and his involvement in the X Games.

No. 18: Darryl Strawberry Wheat (4.6 percent ABV, 24.1 IBU): Features a smooth, light wheat base with an infusion of sweet strawberry flavor. Named after the New York Mets’ legendary outfielder and slugger, whose uniform number was 18.

No. 34: Sweetness Stout (5.3 percent ABV, 28 IBU): A full-bodied stout with strong chocolate flavor and a subtle hint of maple. Named after Walter Payton, the late Chicago Bears running back and Hall of Famer, whose uniform number was 34.

No. 37: Ali’s Honey Brown (5.4 percent ABV, 16.4 IBU): A medium-bodied brown ale with light hops and smooth malt taste and honey accents. Named after late boxing legend Muhammad Ali and the 37 knockouts he scored in his career.

No. 75: Mean Green Citrus Machine (5.7 percent ABV, 39.5 IBU): An IPA with strong citrus and hop flavors and notes of sharp grapefruit and lemon. Named after NFL Hall of Famer and former Pittsburgh Steelers great “Mean Joe” Greene, whose uniform number was 75.

Source: Brew 32

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