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Division I: Boardman and Howland qualified as teams at last Saturday’s district meet at Trumbull County Fairgrounds. Boardman’s Chris Butler and Howland’s Vincent Mauri finished fifth and sixth. Other locals finishing in the Top 30 were: Giovanni Copploe, Canfield, 12th; Ethan Saxey, Austintown Fitch, 17th; Tyler Harigan, Howland, 21st; Ethan Neff, Howland, 26th; Nathaniel Ams, Boardman, 27th; Christian Davis, Austintown Fitch, 28th; and Michael Dunham, Boardman, 30th.

Division II: Salem, Poland, Lakeview and LaBrae qualified as teams. Poland’s Andrew Comstock and Girard’s Derek basinger finished third and fifth at last week’s regional meet. Also finishing in the Top 30 from the area were: Trey Double, Salem, 7th; Dylan McKean, Champion, 12th; Jakob Rose, LaBrae, 13th; Sam Dwyer, Poland, 14th; Joe Abramavich, Champion, 17th; Alex Rohrer, Lakeview, 18th; John Walker, LaBrae, 21; Cameron Christophe, Salem, 22nd; Bailey Kirkpatrick, Lakeview, 23rd; Ethan Dobler, Lakeview, 24th; Noah Smith, Poland, 26th; Marik Rogenski, Poland, 27th; Hunter Christopher, Salem, 28th; and Mikel Lagaras, Champion, 30th.

Division III: Maplewood, McDonald and Mineral Ridge were the top three teams at last week’s district meet. Badger’s Ty Reeher and Nick Cowger were second and third. Also in the Top 25 from the area were: Kenny Wallace, Mathews, 4th; Mike Shipman, Maplewood, 5th; Ethan Sparks, Maplewood, 6th; Jake Hall, Maplewood, 7th; Adam Burgard, Maplewood, 8th; Palmer Cameron, Mineral Ridge, 9th; C.J. Seitz, McDonald, 10th; Carson Fortune, McDonald, 11th; Mark Kirch, Maplewood, 12th; Samuel Cain, Southington, 13th; Matthew Church, Bristol, 14th; Ethan Fattz, Maplewood, 15th; Connor Fortune, McDonald, 20th; Jacob Colon, Mineral Ridge, 21st; Zack Canada, McDonald, 22nd; Connor Brown, McDonald, 23rd; Dylan Hvisc, and Mineral Ridge, 24th.


Division I: Boardman’s Casey Zaitzew and Canfield’s Raquel Markulin finished sixth and ninth at last Saturday’s district meet. Also finishing in the Top 45 were: Zoe Cavoulas, Canfield, 15th; Ashley Ventimglia, Canfield, 24th; Julia Magliocca, Canfield, 37th; Steffie Marciniak, Canfield, 38th; Kylie Vestal, Austintown Fitch, 41st; and Abbey Evans, Boardman, 43rd.

Division II: Poland, Lakeview and Howland qualified as teams. Poland’s Maggie Sebest won the district meet and Howland’s Maria Dellimuti finished third. Also in the Top 30 were: Gianna Stanich, Poland, 5th; Tiffany Vega, Lakeview, 6th; Cammie Becker, lakeview, 7th; Hailey Zelinsky, Niles, 9th; Sydney Norris, Poland, 10th; Leanne Hyatt, Lakeview, 12th; Elizabeth Gajski, Howland, 12th; Josie Mayle, Poland, 14th; Sarah Ryser, Girard, 15th; Meghan Griffith, Salem, 18th; Haley Rozeski, Salem, 20th; Audra Picuri, Lakeview, 22nd; Elenie McNally, Howland, 23rd; and Holly Sparklin, Howland, 25th.

Division III: McDonald, Maplewood and Badger qualified as teams. Also finishing at the Top 30 were: Badger’s Miranda Stanhope won the district meet and McDonald’s Anna Guerra was fifth. Also finishing in the Top 30 were: Bella Wolford, McDonald, 7th; Charlotte Crouch, Maplewood, 16th; Michealina Terrano, Jackson-Milton, 20th; Alyssa Lynch, McDonald, 24th; Claire Hoffman, McDonald, 25th; Sela Jones, McDonald, 26th; and Grace Kawecki, McDonald, 30th.

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