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Trumbull commissioners award contract to design company for last Trumbull County phase of Greenway

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Staff report


The Trumbull County commissioners awarded a $531,914 contract to GDP Group of Akron to provide engineering services for the final Trumbull County phase of the Western Reserve Greenway bike trail.

Phase 4 will run about four miles from Burton Street in Warren to the Niles trailhead on Robbins Avenue. It also will travel through parts of Howland and Weathersfield townships.

Zach Svette, Trumbull County MetroParks operations director, said it’s likely to take until sometime in 2020 for the engineering to be complete. Part of the reason for that delay is because it can take a couple of years to acquire the rights of way for the route, he said.

When the engineering is finished, construction could begin fairly quickly, Svette said.

Eighty percent of the engineering costs will be covered by federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funds. The other 20 percent will be covered by a state grant.

Svette said the MetroParks board, which oversees the greenway in the county, has a “preferred path” for the phase, but the final decision on the route could be affected by the process of acquiring the rights of way.

It is likely that about three-fourths of a mile of Phase 4 will follow two city streets – Burton Street Southeast in Warren and Smith Street in Niles, Svette said.

A small part of the project is expected to run along a railroad right of way, and about three miles is likely to run through undeveloped, private land in Warren, Howland, Weatherfield and Niles, Svette said.

In that regard, the final phase is expected to look similar to Phase 3, which was completed in early 2015, and runs from North River Road in Warren to Champion Avenue in Champion. It was the first phase built by the county that did not follow a railroad bed.