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UPDATE | Police apprehend man at standoff in Struthers home

Monday, November 28, 2016


Police Chief Tim Roddy said a man was apprehended some four hours after a standoff began at a Struthers home after police used a flash-bang device.

A SWAT team and multiple area police agencies gathered outside a reported stand-off at an 8th Street home.

A Struthers police dispatcher said officers responded to a call about 3 p.m. There have been no reports of injuries.

Roddy said the incident began when an 8th Street man had a fight with his romantic partner, involving him reportedly attacking her with either a stick or a baseball bat.

The woman reportedly ran out of the house, prompting a neighbor to call police.

Roddy said officers used a stun weapon on the man after he ran outside and hit a police cruiser with a stick.

The man then ran back inside the home before running outside at a later time with a gun before running back inside the home again. Roddy said the man did not shoot the gun.

Police believe there are at least three small children inside the home.

An officer with a megaphone pleaded with the suspect, telling him he would not be hurt. The officer also asked for the man to answer his phone and to send the children out.

A crowd of neighbors, some of whom are taking video with their cell phones, are gathered outside, behind the police line.

8th Street resident Richard Rubicky came outside when he heard commotion. He said the neighborhood, which is near Struthers Elementary School, is normally quiet.