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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Parfait cup, Vaseline glass, yellow to clear, etched vines and flowers, trumpet shape, round foot, 1920s, 5 inches, pair, $25.

Peanut butter jar, Morris Supreme Peanut Butter, glass, yellow and black label, red metal cap, ribbed, Hazel Atlas, c. 1935, $80.

Engraving, copper, Seminole Indian warriors, tattoo covered bodies, holding bow and arrows, headdress, c. 1828, 6 x 9 inches, $145.

Game, Ouija board, wood and veneer, canted corners, black letters and symbols, printed instructions, William Fuld, 1915, 12 x 18 inches, $300.

Cigarette case, carved wood, Air force wings and spinning propeller, olive wood, red streaks, eight slots, World War II, 1940s, $330.

Textile, saddle blanket, wool, scalloped mandala center, brown and cream, fringe, southwestern, 1920s, 75 x 59 inches, $425.

Compass, pocket, sterling-silver case and top loop, magnifying glass, F. Barker & Son, 1880s, 11/2 inch diameter, $710.

Pewter platter, oval, embossed, running boar, relief border, pinecones and flowers, marked, Kayser Zinn, Germany, c. 1905, 13 x 20 inches, $900.

Buffet, cherry, bowfront, seven drawers, brass bale handles, tapered square legs, c. 1930, 38 x 60 inches, $1,400.

Advertising sign, “Campbell’s Tomato Soup, 10 cents,” porcelain, figural, bracket, red and white, 1920s, 13 x 24 inches, $1,650.